18 places to get smashed avocado toast in Calgary

Sep 6 2017, 8:23 pm

Smashed avocado has turned out to be the trendiest toast topper ever.

It’s healthier and richer than using butter, and seems to hit the spot no matter the time of day. We’ve seen this dish pop up on the menus of many different kinds of restaurants, so here are 18 places you can get your avocado toast fix in Calgary.

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Little Henry

Located right next door to Ten Foot Henry, this veggin’ grab-and-go café serves up avo-puree on thick cut Sidewalk Citizen sourdough and is topped with pea shoots, radish, and pecorino. It’s also only $5 (so the other $14 can be put towards a downpayment).

Address: 1209 1 Street SW
Instagram: @tenfoothenry

NHBR Coffee

How about an Avo toast and a London fog for your afternoon patio hang?

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Seasoned with maldon salt and chilli flakes, this piece of sourdough comes with mashed avo and a perfectly poached egg for $6.

Address: 4038 16 Street SW
Instagram: @nhbrcoffee

Bridgette Bar

Branching out of the average avo-toast flavours, this spot serves up smashed avocado with zucchini and curried sunflower seeds for $11.

Address: 739 10 Avenue SW
Instagram: @thebridgettebar

Native Tongues Taqueria

Topped with a fried egg, this toasted piece of Sidewalk Citizen sourdough is smothered in guac and covered in crispy slices of radish garnished with cilantro. It goes for $14.

Address: 235 12 Avenue SW
Instagram: @nativetonguesyyc 

Diner Deluxe

This slice of toasted multi-grain bread holds up sunny-side up eggs on a bed of arugula and tomato topped with herbed oil and feta. This offering lands on the higher end of our budgets and goes for $19.

Address: 804 Edmonton Trail NE
Instagram: @diner_deluxe

Ace Coffee & Diner

It's cold outside, come warm up with some Avocado toast and a hot cup of ACE Coffee. #yyc #yycfoodie

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A poached egg with oven-roasted tomatoes and smashed avocado are built up on a sourdough baguette that’s garnished with balsamic dressed greens for $11.75.

Address: 8244 9 Avenue SW
Instagram: @acecoffeediner

The Beltliner

This piece of sourdough is smothered in avocado creme and stacked with two poached eggs, smoked salmon, and radish slices topped with arugula and cherry tomato salad for $17.

Address: 243 12 Avenue SW
Instagram: @thebeltliner

Seed N Salt

Choose from a gluten free whole grain crostini or a sprouted nut loaf toasted and topped with creamed avocado and chimichurri sauce on top for $10.

Address: 2008 4 Street SW
Instagram: @seedandsalt

The Bro’kin Yolk

Sliced avocado is served up on a nine-grain bread piled with tomato and a sunny-side up egg that’s then drizzled in a balsamic reduction and a basil arugula purée. It’s a $14 delight.

Address: 130 – 12580 Symons Valley Road NW
Instagram: @brokinyolk

Wise & Wright

For only $6 a piece, you can bite into the fresh Mexican flavoured El Sabio slice that’s made with crushed avo, quinoa, and pomegranate piled with cumin spiced black beans & corn, garnished with arugula then drizzled with jalapeño aioli. Without breaking the bank, you can also have another stacked slice with creamy white bean hummus, smashed avocado, roasted Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes that’s finished with fresh arugula and a drizzle of olive oil.

Address:  163 – 317 7 Avenue SW
Instagram: @wiseandwright

Monogram Coffee

Labour day hours // Altadore: 8am – 5pm Fifth Ave: closed

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Keeping it simple, nothing beats a latte and a fork smashed avocado on thick cut toast.

Address: Fifth Avenue place, 420 2 Street SW; Altadore, 4814 16 Street SW
Instagram: @monogramco

Vendome Café

For $8, Vendome Café is keeping it classy and affordable serving up a multigrain bread with creamy avocado and olive oil on top.

Address: 940 2 Avenue NW
Instagram: @vendomeyyc

Dairy Lane Café

Rise and shine! 📷 @jpstrose

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This is a full $15 meal deal. This light rye toast is coated in crushed avo topped with sautéed kale, grilled zucchini, caramelized onions and two poached eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce that is served next to a heavenly pile of red potato hash. Add beef brisket, pork chorizo, fried porchetta, chicken sausage, or bacon for $3 more.

Address: 319 19 Street NW
Instagram: @dairylane_yyc


This piece of crunchy sourdough hoists up whole mashed avocado and fried eggs for $14. Add bacon for $4.

Address: Simmons Building; 618 Confluence Way SE
Instagram: @rtbsimmons

Our Daily Brett

Our avocado toast, beautifully captured by @sincerely.a.l.e.x #goodhonestfoodyyc

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Creamy crushed avo on sourdough with crumbled feta, pomegranate molasses, sliced radish sprinkled with sumac for $6. Take it up a notch but adding a fried duck egg for $2.

Address: 2509 14 Street SW
Instagram: @ourdailybrett

Phil and Sebastian

As delicious as their coffee, their avocado toast made with tomatoes, arugula and a creamy lemony tahini dressing will keep you coming back daily.

Address: Various locations; See website
Instagram: @philandseb

Earls Kitchen and Bar

Served on a crispy baguette, this avocado toast has tomatoes, radish, and toasted hemp seeds drizzled with a kick of Sriracha goes for $11.50.

Address: Various locations with varying menus; See website
Instagram: @earlsbankershall

Jusu Bar

This is the spot where healthy people go to glow. Grab a fresh juice with a gluten free toast with avocado, vegan almond parmesan cheese and purple cabbage sprouts.

Address: Various locations; See website
Instagram: @jusubaryyc

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