The bottle of wine you need to have on your table this season

Oct 25 2017, 4:56 pm

Everyone can feel the change in weather right now.

That coldness in the air when you make your way home from work. All you want to do is get inside your home, put on your fuzzy robe, and eat a hearty meal.

You could make a quick pasta dish, a roasted beef tenderloin with rosemary potatoes, or even start off with a cheese board and charcuterie if you’re undecided.

Naturally, you’ll want to enjoy your meal with a rich and vibrant beverage – red wine. And there’s one bottle of rouge that you’ll want to have on your table this season, Robert Mondavi’s Private Selection cabernet sauvignon.

The Californian wine recently won the 2017 Alberta Beverage Awards for top value so you know you’ll be getting an excellent bang for your buck when you snap up a bottle of this bright and fruity wine at select liquor stores.

Cabernet Sauvignon/Robert Mondavi Private Selection

The Robert Mondavi Private Selection was founded back in 1994 by the main man himself, Robert Mondavi. His aim? To capture the delicious flavours from California’s best Central Coast vineyards. Fast forward 20 years and he’s still doing that now.

However, it’s the Central Coast location and its foggy, windy, cool, and damp climate which sees a break of sun almost every day, making for the ideal growing conditions for the grapes of this wine. The valleys run from west to east, drawing the fog and wind in from the Pacific Ocean into the vineyards.

Cabernet sauvignon/Robert Mondavi Private Selection

These conditions cause the grapes to ripen slowly, producing intense, pure fruit flavours unique to the Central Coast. To bring out the best flavours of the grapes, Robert Mondavi crafts his wines using a combination of old world techniques and new innovative techniques.

So if you want to have a bottle of wine on your table this season that’s packed full of substance and realness, then you need Robert Mondavi’s Private Selection. After all, his legendary winemaking expertise and pioneering legacy were crafted for everyday enjoyment.

For more information visit Robert Mondavi’s Private Selection on Facebook and Instagram.

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