Apple to increase Canadian App Store prices thanks to exchange rates

Dec 19 2017, 11:00 am

Apple will be increasing the price of apps in the App Store this week in response to the low Canadian Dollar.

Prices will also be going up in New Zealand, Mexico, Israel, and a number of other countries due to changing exchange rates.

It is not yet known by how much each app will be increasing in price, but currently Canadians pay a 14 to 20% markup over prices in the U.S. App Store. For instance, the number-one selling paid app currently, Exploding Kittens, goes for $1.99 in the U.S. and $2.79 in Canada, about five cents under today’s exchange value.

According to The Next Web, the first site to obtain a memo sent from Apple to developers this week, the cheapest apps on the Canadian store will jump to $1.39, up from $1.19. Items that were formally $50 will jump the most to $69.99.

Apple previously increased prices in Canada in January 2015 to account for a decreasing dollar. The day after announcing prices would soon be going up, Apple reported they had set a new record for App Store purchases in the first week of January.

The Canadian loonie has been steadily falling in value against the American dollar over the past several years and reached a 15-year low of 68 cents U.S. this week.

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