Albertans lead the pack in poor parking skills: poll

Dec 19 2017, 11:17 am

Albertans need to get better at parking, according to a new poll on bad drivers from Insights West.

The province lead the pack when it comes to people who take up two or more parking spots – 75% of Albertans say they’ve witnessed this, compared to 61% of Canadians nationally.

Additionally, 76% of Albertans have witnessed someone turning without a signal, and nearly half say they’ve seen a driver blow through an intersection without stopping.

Here’s how Alberta compares to the rest of Canada:

Image: Insights West

Image: Insights West

Alberta, however, has nothing on our neighbours to the west. Around 58% of B.C. residents say they’ve witnessed someone turning right or left from the wrong lane, compared to 41% of people nationally. Beyond that, nearly half say they’ve had to brake sharply or steer violently in order to avoid a crash, and another 61% say they’ve seen a driver fail to stop at an intersection.

Nationally, 63% of Canadians seem to think specific groups are to blame for poor driving, primarily young and old people.

“Aside from the expected generational clash, there are two overarching themes to the complaints from Canadians who say some drivers are responsible for the problems on the road,” says Mario Canseco, VP of Public Affairs at Insights West.

“While some keep the focus primarily on country of origin, others are upset with drivers who continue to illegally use their mobile devices while behind the wheel.”

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