Alberta among top provinces in reopening amid coronavirus

Jun 8 2020, 9:23 pm

Canadians have seen a lot more open signs over the past few weeks than we had in the month or two prior.

The country’s provinces have launched their reopening strategies following the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many allowing for restaurants, bars, barbershops, and other services to reopen so long as public health guidelines are followed.

Some provinces seem to be getting back to businesses faster than others, however, according to a release from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

The release states that 44% of Canada’s small businesses have fully reopened as of June 8, up from 38% that had been reopened two weeks prior.

New Brunswick has seen the swiftest return to business, with 59% of small businesses reopening, and Alberta came in a close second at 54%.


Canadian Federation of Independent Business

The other end of the scale sees Newfoundland and Labrador taking it the slowest, with just 24% of small businesses fully reopened.

It’s going to take a little longer for sales to get back to where they were across all provinces, however, as New Brunswick and Alberta are only at 17% and 15% of their normal sales, respectively.

“There are definite signs that economies are awakening, with more than half of small businesses reporting they are fully open in some provinces,” said CFIB President Dan Kelly in the release.

“However, for many recovery is another question as just opening your doors does not guarantee your customers will return.”

Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba are leading the country in percentage of normal sales, at 25%, 21%, and 20%.

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