Province of Alberta unveils new sport fishing regulations for 2020

Apr 1 2020, 10:05 am

The Province of Alberta has unveiled new sport fishing regulations for the 2020 season following a number of open houses over the winter.

A release from the government states that the new regulations have been made available online through their TalkAEP portal and provide new opportunities for harvesting walleye, northern pike, and yellow perch.

“Fishing is an important part of Alberta’s cultural fabric. This winter, Albertans told us they wanted additional opportunities to catch and keep fish from water bodies where additional harvest is sustainable,” said Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Parks Jason Nixon.

“I’m very pleased that we were able to identify and offer additional angling and conservation opportunities in most areas of the province for the 2020 season. Remember when you’re out on the water to ensure you’re practicing social distancing and following all public health advice.”

The release notes that roughly 300,000 people fish Alberta’s lakes and rivers each year, contributing over $600 million to Alberta’s economy.

The new regulations are also aimed at helping to support the recovery of westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout, and Athabasca rainbow trout.

The regulations see harvest slot-size limits being put in place on nearly 300 walleye fisheries and over 10 pike fisheries, as well as a one fish daily bag limit for seven walleye and 21 pike fisheries.

“The Alberta Fish and Game Association is pleased with the changes to the 2020 Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations and want to thank Minister Nixon and his staff for beginning to address longstanding concerns,” said Alberta Fish and Game Association Executive Director Delinda Ryerson in the release.

“We know that more positive changes will occur in the future. Even during these trying times, outdoor activities such as fishing are possible provided they are done in the context of the orders and guidelines outlined by Alberta Health during what, at the present time, is a public health emergency.”

Albertans who are hoping to go fishing are encouraged to purchase their 2020 sport fishing license online and will be able to carry those licenses electronically through the AlbertaRELM app.

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