Alberta Government issues air quality warning due to BC wildfires

Jul 17 2017, 8:15 pm

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has issued advisories for all zones saying that air quality is expected to vary for the coming days and, potentially, weeks.

Just yesterday, an air quality statement was released for Calgary residents advising about the recent smoke in the air.

The Government of Alberta is encouraging residents of, and visitors to, Alberta to be aware of air conditions and to take precautions against potential health concerns that can be associated with smoky air.

For updated information about the air quality in Alberta you can check out the Alberta Environment Air Quality website. You can also download the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) Canada app for hourly air-quality readings and daily forecasts.

To help with relief efforts in BC, the government is also advising people to make financial donations to a recognized non-profit organization of their choice instead of providing material donations.

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Tips for dealing with the smoky air indoors

  • Close and lock all outside windows and doors, including attached garage doors.
  • Turn down furnace thermostats and furnace fans to the minimum setting. Do not attempt to extinguish pilot light.
  • If you have an air-conditioner, keep the fresh-air intake closed and the filter clean to prevent outdoor smoke from getting inside.
  • Avoid running fans, such as “whole-house fans” or “fresh air ventilation systems”, that bring more smoky outdoor air inside.
  • Switch all floor registers to closed position.
  • Close fire place dampers on wood burning fireplaces.
  • Do not use wood burning fireplace, wood stoves or other smoke-producing appliances or features, including candles.

Currently all highways into BC from Alberta are open to travel, but this could change as the wildfire situation progresses. Keep up to date by checking 511 Alberta.