Someone posted a photo of Alberta gas prices in 2020 and we are reminiscing

Mar 3 2022, 8:11 pm

A user on Reddit posted a photo of gas prices at a Costco in Alberta from 2020 on Thursday, sparking a conversation of when lower prices were found at the pump.

Gas prices in Alberta have skyrocketed this week, jumping above $1.50 per litre. In Edmonton, the average price of regular fuel sits at $1.534 cents per litre, while in Calgary it’s at $1.564 cents per litre.

A post on Reddit of a Costco in Edmonton advertising regular fuel for $o.619 per litre back in 2020 has many reminiscing on those bittersweet low prices. That price seems pretty impossible now!

“Hopefully two years from now we aren’t looking back at 1.35/litre as a deal” one user posted. Eeeesh, we sure hope that won’t be the case either.

“I can almost hear Archie and Edith singing ‘Those were the days….'” added another.

Looking back two years ago. from Edmonton


“I remember when 1.22 was high. This is crazy,” quipped another user.

Much of the price increases in 2022 have been due to an uptick in demand as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, as well as the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week.

Prices could be worse though. Over in Vancouver, drivers are seeing an astounding $1.949 per litre price at the pump.

On top of that, various gas analysts told Daily Hive that the price at the pump in Vancouver would likely hit $2 per litre by this weekend. Woof.

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