29 photos of Alberta to commemorate her birthday

Sep 1 2016, 7:22 pm

Good old ‘Berta is 111-years-old today and for that we salute her!

Once a district of the Northwest Territories, Alberta officially became a province on September 1 1905.

β€œOur story can be found everywhere, etched into the landscape, preserved in museums and historic settlements, and in the communities of our dynamic cities, towns and villages. The occasion of Alberta’s birthday presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our welcoming province and the vibrant and diverse cultures that contribute to our quality of life,” said Ricardo Miranda, Alberta Culture and Tourism Minister.

As an ode to Alberta, here are pictures of all her glory.

Ice Queen

Beautiful sky

The first time I went to Two Jack, my camera took a nosedive into the lake. When the gorgeous morning light started hitting the mountain, I was too busy freaking out in the parking lot, so that was a total bust. The next two times, the weather was completely uncooperative, but as it turns out, the fourth time was the charm. When I cruised out there last week, I had hit the snooze button three times, but finally motivated myself to throw on some pants and crawl into the driver’s seat. The pink was disappearing from the horizon when I pulled up, but as I set up my tripod, I watched the first rays of the day slide down the face of the mountain. A few raindrops touched the surface of the otherwise glassy water, and as all this was happening, I heard some wolves howling in the distance. What a lovely way to start the day…

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Yesterday light show of northen lights was pretty AmaZing! It was my first northen lights since I live in Canmore. At midnight I saw them over Grotto mtn from my place so I drove to lake Minnewanka and just enjoyed. It was pretty calm, just a simple green glow over the mountains and the at 1am, they started dancing to celebrate the begining of september! Felt blessed once more in the rockies:) #northenlights #aurora #auroraborealis #banff #mybanff #banffnationalpark #travelgram #igtravel #travelling #instatravel #exploreeverything #alberta #canada #neverstopexploring #beauty #explorealberta #explorecanada #travelstoke #tourcanada #enjoycanada #canadaday #greatnorthcollective #thecanadiancollective #amazing_longexpo #canadiancreatives

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Making my own trail #getofftheroad #5peaksrun #5peaks #5peaksambassador #albertawinter #albertablueskies

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Crisp Water

. A bit of a darker mood to this one, as it seemed to fit the scene. I arrived on scene with overcast skies and threatening rain, and after getting set up, the rain started coming down hard. There was a moderate amount of tourists here but they all left with the rain, leaving me with this place all to myself. After a few minutes, the rain tapered off, so I waded out into the river for a better composition, and watched as columns of mist evaporated from the mountain behind the falls. I’ve tagged some inspirational friends in the image above, be sure to check out their awesome galleries. ======================================= #lexarmemory #dolica #bestnatureshot #colors_of_day #jaw_dropping_shots #igshotz #igpodium #artsyheaven #ruskpromo #ig_shotz_le #nature_wizards #ig_myshot #ig_all_americas #naturelover_gr #amazing_fs #travelstoke #ourplanetdaily #lifeetam #explorebc #longexpo_addiction #arteobjetiva #yohonationalpark #britishcolumbia #moodygrams #special_shots #amazing_longexpo #longexposure_shots #longexpoelite #agameoftones

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Unadulterated Fun

Bringing women together. That has always been our goal here at @WomenWhoHike. We are storytellers sharing your pictures and experiences and helping to unite and inspire ladies from all over, including CANADA! If you are a Canadian lady, like @thebanffdiaries, join our Facebook group: Women Who Hike Canada to introduce yourself, get acquainted with and even meet up and hike with other ladies. We started these groups this past weekend and have added hundreds of women so far to state specific and regional groups (find yours, link in bio πŸ‘†) It has been an amazing response and we appreciate you ladies leading the charge! If you are a woman who hikes and want to see a group specific to you, let us know. We currently have: Women Who Hike Arizona Women Who Hike Texas Women Who Hike Colorado Women Who Hike Utah Women Who Hike Hawaii Women Who Hike Mid Atlantic Women Who Hike Northwest Women Who Hike Southwest Women Who Hike Northeast Women Who Hike Southeast Women Who Hike Midwest Women Who Hike Nor Cal Women Who Hike Canada Find yours by going to bit.ly/wwh-groups For questions regarding these groups and process, feel free to email us: [email protected]

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Wild Life

Rutting season is getting close… I’m hopeful that I can find the time to get out and find a few bucks like this mule deer!

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************************************** I spend a lot of time traveling backroads to find shooting locations. South of Turner Valley and Black Diamond are some of the most amazing views of the foothills and mountains. Get off the beaten track and spend some time exploring all the countryside and small towns near you this weekend. ___________________________________________ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Turner Valley, AB ************************************** #north51degrees #N51 #nikon_canada #thecanadiancollective #imagesofcanada #canadagram #worldcaptures #ig_4every1 #igs_can #exklusive_shot #igglobalclub #totescanadian #artsyheaven #global_hotshotz #igpowerclub #superb_photos #coollittletowns #udog_peopleandplaces #cangeo #explorealberta #wanderlustalberta #amazingphotohunter #globalcapture #igscglobal #bestnatureshot #kings_alltags

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Another family camping trip in the books. This year we took it to a family farm and had the best time playing games and visiting all weekend.

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