Warmer and drier fall and winter due to El Niño is predicted by weather experts

Dec 19 2017, 2:29 am

Weather specialists predict that winter and fall this year in Canada is going to be both warmer and drier because of a phenomena called El Niño, according to Global News.

El Niño is typically a tropical, pacific meteorological event that is presently affecting some parts of Australia, Peru and India and eventually Canada, according to Environment Canada’s Senior Climatologist David Phillips.

This phenomena is not one that will simply go away, there are going to be some years that have more impact than others. CTV reports that forecasters say the El Niño is most likely the largest in over a decade and will be affecting the price of chocolate, sugar and coffee.

Phillips told Global, “We can’t blame any of the forest fires, or the drought, or the storms that are occurring in various parts of the country on El Niño. It is the Low Countries … close to the equator that are feeling … the true effects of El Niño right now. They generally come late fall, winter, and early spring to us.”

The predicted warmer and drier winter may be taken as a warning to farmers but there is always the chance that the forecasts are wrong.

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