22 places to get a $25 dinner during The Big Taste

Dec 19 2017, 11:12 am

The Big Taste, Calgary’s annual 10-day dining festival, is currently underway, showcasing 85 restaurants around the city.

Running until Sunday, participating restaurants are offering three- and five-course fixed priced lunch and dinner menus at one of five price points: $15 or $25 lunches, $25 or $35 dinners, and $65 gourmet masterpieces.


After sharing a list of the 21 places to get a $15 lunch, we were asked for a list of the dinners that wouldn’t break the bank. So here’s a list of the 22 places to get a $25 dinner during The Big Taste.

Black Cat Lounge and Grill

Address: 150-635 6th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-233-7654

Blanco Cantina

Address: 723 17th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-228-1854

Bookers BBQ and Crab Shack

Address: #10-316 3rd Street SE
Phone: 403-264-6419

Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub

Address: 140 10th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-263-7900

Boxwood Café

Address: 340 13th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-265-4006

Briggs Kitchen and Bar

Address: #100 317 10th Avenue SW
Phone: 587-350-5015

Chianti Cafe & Restaurant

Address: 1438 17th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-229-1600


Address: 1012 17th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-984-4755

Goro + Gun

Address: #245 225 7th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-237-5596

Hapa Izakaya

Address: 816 11th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-452-6737

Mango Shiva

Address: 218 8th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-290-1644

Masala Mantra

Address: 101-1207 11th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-290-1777

Ming Asian Bistro and Bar

Address: 520-17th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-229-1986


Address: 818 16th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-454-2700

Posto Pizzeria and Bar

Address: 1014-8th Street SW
Phone: 403-263-4876

RE:GRUB Burger Bar

Address: 625 11th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-475-2845

The Old Spaghetti Factory

Address: 222-3rd Street SW
Phone: 403-263-7223

The Unicorn Superpub / Celtic Kitchen Party / Sports Cantina

Address: 223-8th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-265-3665

Winebar Kensington

Address: 1131 Kensington Road NW


Address: 101-731 6th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-719-8183

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