Get ready to fight through these gruelling obstacles in Alberta's Tough Mudder

Jul 7 2016, 12:52 am

One of summer’s most gruelling events promises to challenge even the toughest fitness buffs.

The 2016 Alberta Tough Mudder challenges you to saunter outside of your gym to see how your physique measures up against obstacles set in mother nature. Taking place in the backcountry of Drumheller on August 6 and 7, contestants will make their way through massive canyons, hoodoos, and coulees.

This year’s Tough Mudder will deliver a 16 to 20 kilometre and 20+ obstacle course that challenges you in no way than ever before. We’ve compiled a list of a few obstacles you and your team can look forward to this year.

The Block Ness Monster

Make your way through 60 ft of slick, rotating barriers. Great teamwork will make this one fun although it may seem intimating at the start.

Rain Man

Different from the regular Cage Crawl. Rain Man uses a deeper pit while water pours in from above – starting in darkness. Clawing at the fence, make your way through the watery trough with fear and determination.

Pyramid Scheme

This year’s pyramid scheme is revamped. Use a strategy between you and your teammates, climbing up a slippery incline.

Back Stabber

The new and improved Liberator. Run and leap for the tallest hole and slam your peg in.

Electroshock Therapy

Sprint through mud as dangling wires hang from above. All of them together level out to about 10,000 volts.

Balls to the Wall

One of Tough Mudder’s tallest walls. Use your body to make your way up the rope using your upper body strength to get there.

King of the Swingers

Leap from a 12 foot platform to catch a swing arm and reach with all your might to tap the bell dangling from above.

Funny Monkey 2.0

Tough Mudder’s tallest wall at 16′. Hold onto a rope from above and move your body in high gear as others stand below.

Tough Mudder Alberta

Where: Drumheller Backcountry, Hwy 10. One hour and 30 minute drive from Calgary

When: August 6 and 7

Price: Tickets start at $125, buy online

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