Meet the 15-year-old entrepreneur behind this Calgary bracelet company

Dec 17 2019, 1:49 pm

Tahir and Zakiya Natha were just 13 and 11 at the time when their parents brought some beads home back in 2017.

The beads had come from a family friend that had started a store in Calgary, and the Natha siblings decided that it would be an interesting idea to turn them into bracelets and give entrepreneurship a go.

“We’ve always had this sort of entrepreneurial background — we’ve always wanted to start out a business so we figured why not, let’s try it,” Tahir said in a phone interview with Daily Hive.

“Slowly but surely we started in the summer of 2017, and ever since then we’ve just grown from there.”

Now 15, Tahir runs the daily operations of the Taza Collections while his sister heads design and manufacturing. While they do have some help from their parents, the two are fully in charge of the from-home business that has grown into a sizable operation.


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Taza Collections now features a wide range of products available on a sleek looking website, as Tahir noted that attending markets and fairs in person “didn’t see much profit” so the majority of sales are done online.

Still, it was quite the learning curve before achieving the success that Taza Collections sees today, and Tahir noted in the interview that both he and his sister have learned a lot from the venture.

“It has definitely been a great learning experience and we’re learning every day with it,” he said.

“It has been more of a learning process rather than working on the growth of the company; understanding business, understanding how the markets work.”


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Tahir noted that now that the company is past its initial growing pains, they hope to take Taza Collections to the next level by creating their own foundation.

The siblings have partnered up with local Calgary charities in the past — recently having a booth at the Ronald McDonald Charity Gala — and are even looking to expand past bracelets.

“Our end goals is to give back to the community in any way we can. Right now we’ve partnered with many charities, but our end goal is to really start our own charity to help give back,” he said.

“We started with the bracelets but over time we want to expand to different things, different ventures, but I think for now its bracelets and how we can give back with these.”


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