The 11 best fake / parody Twitter accounts in Calgary you need to be following

Dec 19 2017, 2:37 am

From fake politicians to fake hockey players to public art and shopping malls, here are some of the best fake and parody twitter accounts that call Calgary home.

Boring Monahan

This account lampoons the deadpan interview style the Calgary Flames forward brought out in his rookie season. There’s been much guessing as to who’s running the account, but nobody has stepped forward yet.

“I thought it was someone on the team, but now I don’t think it is,” Monahan said. “I thought it was Chris Butler but when I was injured I saw a tweet in the middle of the game.”

See also: @MonahanBillets, a fake account set up in the voice of the family Monahan was required to bunk with his first year in the league.

Giant Blue Ring

As is the case when weird things make headlines, people immediately make fake twitter accounts to tweet as said things. When Calgary unveiled Travelling Light, a controversial public art project near the library, the requisite twitter account was born.

The account continues to celebrate local events and culture, and blue circles everywhere.

And it even gets into it with other local parody accounts.

Sarcastic Rover

With nearly 140k followers, this is the most famous of our parody accounts. Calgary screenwriter, Jason Filiatrault, has been tweeting sarcastically as NASA’s Curiosity Rover since August 2012.

“Their rover was very chipper and very happy and very glad to be there and I just didn’t buy that,” Filiatrault told the CBC.

Shit Nenshi Has To Say

Calgary is home to best mayor in the world. Naheed Nenshi has made a name for himself by unapologetically loving his city and bragging about it anywhere he can. He’s also grabbed headlines by his incredible command of social media.

He’s ripe for a parody and this one riffs on the time he had to issue common sense warnings to citizens to avoid dangerous situations.

Harry Leather

One of the more colourful characters in the local twittersphere is Larry Heather. He’s a real person, with very strongly held religious opinions. He’s run for Mayor and MLA in the past, and you’d think his account would be the parody, but it’s very real. The parody account lampoons his over the top criticisms as Harry Leather.

Market Mall

When businesses were slow to grab Twitter accounts, others squatted on the better names and then turned them into fake accounts. This appears to be one as this account was started 3 months before the real mall grabbed @MarketMallYYC. This parody trolls the real business infrequently, but with impunity.

Angry Flames Lady

The voice of Flames fans who love to hate the team they love. Or something like that.

See also: @GuyInYellowYYC, a twitter account started after one fan decided to wear a neon yellow shirt to sit in the C of Red of a Flames playoff game. He stood out on the telecast, and was the talk of twitter. For a day.

Food Truck At The Bow

More useful than funny, this account is from a worker in the Bow Tower giving regular updates on the food truck offerings outside their window.

Fake YYC Transit

This account last tweeted in 2012, but it had a good thing going. In BC there is a fake BC Ferries account that is so genius, the real BC Ferries had it shut down for a while until public outcry brought it back. We need to bring this fake Calgary Transit account back with a vengeance.

Did I miss one? What are your favorite fake / funny twitter accounts in Calgary?

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