You can wade waist deep in a cranberry marsh near Toronto

Sep 23 2021, 7:58 pm

A cranberry marsh near Toronto begins its harvest this Saturday ahead of Thanksgiving and you can wade with the berries and later enjoy a cheese plate.

Located at Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery, Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh is the perfect place cranberry lovers, who can step into a pair of hip waders and take the plunge with thousands of pounds worth of cranberries.

It’s not just cranberries drawing people to this Bala, Ontario farm, there are wagon tours, wine tasting, hiking and fall foliage to enjoy, and with harvest season comes a whole host of cranberry menu items at the cafe.

While they can’t always predict what the year’s harvest will look like, they guarantee you’ll see cranberries in some form. They might be dry, or being picked, or floating. It all depends on the point in the season.

Be sure to book your activities ahead of time. With COVID-19 they require tickets be booked in advance to be able to manage capacity.

The town of Bala holds a harvest festival, typically the weekend after Thanksgiving, but with COVID-19 nothing is set in stone yet. Either way, there are lots of activities to participate in once you’re at the farm, whether wine tasting or hiking be more up your alley.

With harvest season officially beginning this weekend, it will run through to October 24.

Where: 1074 Cranberry Road, Bala, Ontario
Hours: September 25 to October 24 from 9 am to 6 pm daily



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