Cannabis company moves in on Stoney Creek's soccer turf

Aug 31 2018, 7:56 pm

Hamilton-based medical cannabis producer Green Relief is expanding its operation to Stoney Creek in November.

The company recently acquired a 100,000-sq-ft sports complex, Players Paradise, which has been serving the area for nine years and will be closing its doors on October 31.

According to a press release, Players Paradise “initially hoped to sell the facility to the City of Hamilton or other sports organizations in order to continue programming,” but were unable to obtain an offer.

Warren Bravo, CEO of Green Relief, is planning to donate $10,000 to the building’s previous tenant, a not-for-profit soccer organization, to help with relocation expenses.

“Green Relief is here to help the soccer organization with their relocation, and should the city decide to create a new indoor soccer facility, Green Relief will absolutely be contributing financially to that initiative,” Bravo said.

The facility will be retrofitted to the cost of approximately $9 million, and will contain 75,000-sq-ft of growing area and 25,000-sq-ft of office space.

The company expects to create 100 jobs and will be hosting a job fair in the coming months.

“While this expansion is very exciting from a business perspective, it reinforces Green Relief’s mission as well as our commitment to the Hamilton community,” said Bravo.

Green Relief uses an aquaponics system to grow cannabis which involves fish and plants. When the fish grow to market size, they are donated to local homeless shelters.

“In addition to creating new jobs, this acquisition enables us to provide roughly 30,000 healthy, organic meals to local homeless shelters each year — and there’s truly nothing better than that,” said Bravo.

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