5 haunted Edmonton spots every Halloween lover should know

Oct 26 2022, 5:00 pm

Edmonton adores Halloween, butĀ only Edmonton’s most dedicated Halloween heads know the legends surrounding the reportedly most haunted places in the city.

Here are a few haunted Edmonton legends that surround these spots that every Halloween lover should know.


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The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

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Over 100 years ago during the construction of this castle, a horse dropped dead while the foundation for the hotel was being poured. To this day, guests on the 8th floor have reported hearing galloping, a horse-drawn carriage, and other strange sounds. Enjoy your stay.

The Princess Theatre

Built in the early 1900s, a devastated bride hung herself in the rooming house above the theatre after being abandoned by her lover. It is said her ghostly figure has been seen in the projection room, stairs, and lobby. The theatre still operates today.

Charles Camsell Hospital

Charles Camsell Hospital

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Old, abandoned hospitals are always a hotbed for ghost stories. This one is no different, opened in the early 1900s as a Jesuit college, it was converted into a military hospital for tuberculosis and other respiratory illnesses in 1945. Many patients sent to the hospital never returned home. Empty since 1996, this Edmonton haunted hospital has had reports of screams, flickering lights, and even elevators moving without any electricity. The building is now guarded by security to keep the public out. Beware.

Gibbard Block (Formerly La Boheme Restaurant Bed & Breakfast)

Edmonton haunted

Edmonton Historical Board

Bed and breakfasts are usually the perfect couple’s retreat. This one, not so much.Ā As the story goes, the couple who originally owned the building, was anything but perfect. The owner is said to have murdered his wife in jealousy only to drag her body to the basement and burn her remains. He was eventually convicted of murder after bone fragments were found by employees.Ā Unexplained noises, flickering lights, and the appearance of a ghostly woman have been reported ever since.

McKay Avenue School

Edmonton haunted

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Once a school and home to Alberta’s first two legislative sessions, this downtown building opened in 1905 and is now a museum and is rumoured to be haunted. Objects are said to move around mysteriously and lights often turn on and off on their own. It’s claimed that an employee used an Ouija board to communicate with a spirit who claimed to be a worker who fell off the roof during construction and died.

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