“Immature loser”: Simu Liu faces heat for publicly calling out TikToker who criticized him (VIDEOS)

May 11 2023, 4:25 pm

Simu Liu is known for being vocal online.

He’s put Air Canada staff on blast for being “unpleasant” and “unprofessional.”

And even slammed HuffPost for calling him a “thirst trap” and “token” Asian actor.

But now, he’s on the receiving end of criticisms.

The Canadian actor is facing backlash after he publicly called out a TikToker for criticizing him.

Liu reposted an Instagram story on Tuesday that tagged him. It shared a TikTok that criticizes the Shang-Chi star. The Instagram account owner captioned it with, “@simuliu is the biggest ick walking on this planet and all u asians eat his sh*t up.”

For context, the TikTok questions Liu’s role in representing the Asian community in media.

“I want to say something controversial,” said the TikToker. “It pisses me off so bad that Simu Liu is now the face of the Asian diaspora.”

They go on to claim that the Mississauga-raised celebrity thinks that his presence in Hollywood is “the end-all-be-all of Asian representation.”

“The man cannot handle a single speck of criticism,” they added. “I can’t imagine anything more annoying than going through his Twitter feed, and I resent you for making him famous.”

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Liu responded in his Instagram stories.

“I was for some reason mentioned in this story so I figured I might as well share it,” he wrote on Instagram.

He then addresses the comments from the TikTok saying that he’s “definitely not the face of the Asian diaspora.”

“We are literally in the golden era of Asian representation and that’s what’s so exciting is that there’s room for so many of us,” Liu wrote.

The TikToker also accused the actor of being homophobic and an incel, which Liu denied.

“What the ACTUAL f**k is is that accusation,” he wrote.

He ended his response with some personal words for the TikToker.

“I can completely respect that you don’t rock w me but maybe see someone for the amount of hatred you feel over someone you literally do not know in the slightest!” Liu wrote. “Hope you get the help you need.”

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Many people have taken to social media to condemn the star’s response.

“Way to go @SimuLiu you just opened this person up to un-godly levels of harassment. stop scrolling through your tag and go outside,” tweeted one person.

“Like regardless of whether or not you agree with the original video, what Simu Liu is doing here is really f**king dangerous and should be called out,” added another.

Many agreed with the TikToker that his response proves that he can’t take criticism.

Others sided with Liu, saying that since the actor was tagged in the Instagram story, he has free reign to respond.

“if u tag someone u can’t be upset about the outcome,” said one Twitter user. “i tag my congressman and state reps all the time and sometimes their stans come for me but i know that’s what comes with tagging someone.”

“Respectfully disagree. You shoot like that, can’t be mad at return fire,” added another person, clarifying that he has “no dog in this fight.”

The TikToker seems to have the last word in a follow-up video with a screenshot of Liu’s response saying “he still can’t handle criticism.”

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