Calling all travel junkies: This job is for you

Apr 18 2019, 4:09 am

It’s not uncommon for travel lovers to live life in anticipation of the next vacation, with our day job being just a filler in between trips.

But what if your job could revolve around travel, and your role would also make a positive impact on others, through — you guessed it — travel!?

If you have the travel bug, we must have your attention by now.

EF (AKA Education First) is a worldwide tour company that connects students and teachers with international learning opportunities.

Students and teachers are able to physically visit some of the places they learn about in class and learn about them firsthand, rather than just reading about them in a textbook.

Because let’s be real, textbooks serve their purpose and everything, but wouldn’t you rather learn by being immersed in your subject matter?

EF Tours Canada

EF Tours Canada Twitter

So you may be wondering, how can you integrate travel and providing real, valuable learning experiences, into your career?

The EF team is looking for passionate individuals to fill their Tour Consultant roles.

The position is primarily sales, as the selected candidates will be working with teachers across Canada to plan and go on their trips.

The Vancouver branch checks off all your trendy office space goals, as it’s located in Gastown (open concept, exposed brick, you know the drill) and has a nimble staff of 20 people.

The office vibes stretch across the country to Toronto, where EF’s office is located in the centre of Yorkville, with an open concept space, beer fridge, free coffee, and about 100 employees who are soon to become your new travel loving besties.

Twitter @rpuunzel

EF Tours in Japan (@rpuunzel /Twitter)

Current Senior Tour Consultant Yasmine Mehtadi says that if you’re looking to for an opportunity that would build on your passion for travel and education, then EF Tours is the place for you.

“I love the dynamic nature of this role and that I have ownership to grow my own territory,” said Mehtadi. “I find it to be a well-balanced role with equal parts analytics and sales strategy combined with relationship building and account management.”

EF Tours consultant

Shanghai/Yasmine Mehtadi

Okay, let’s talk about job perks. EF takes its Tour Consultants on one trip a year to learn about the product and ensure they are well-versed to share experiences with educators.

Mehtadi says that over the past four years she’s travelled to eight countries including England, France, and Vietnam.

EF Tours consultant

Vietnam/Yasmine Mehtadi

“Ultimately, my favourite part of being a [Tour Consultant] is when a teacher I partner with lets me know how one of our tours positively impacted them and their students,” said Mehtadi.

Start updating your resume if you want to share your passion for travelling with the next generation.

If this job piques your interest, check out the full job description on EF.

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