You can see how much food prices have risen in Alberta and it's WILD

Oct 21 2022, 7:16 pm

If you think your grocery bill is getting a little larger, you aren’t imagining it. In fact, you can check a website to see how much food prices have risen in Alberta.

Some of the increases are just wild, surpassing more than 50% for some items in the province.

Each month the Alberta government issues a list of the Alberta average retail prices for selected products, and we dived into the most recent stats from this August.

There were some items that did drop over the past year, but they can barely be found between the wicked rises of the selected items.

The largest year-over-year price increase was two litres of apple juice, going up an astounding 55.6%.

Other spikes were 25.6% for 500 grams of dry or fresh pasta, 54.7% increase for a 284 millilitre can of soup, a 47.1% increase for three litres of vegetable oil, and a 34.7% increase for grapes per kilogram.

Those few items that saw a decrease include beef striploin cuts per kilogram with a more than 19% drop; frozen corn, 0.75 kilograms with a 3.1% decrease; and cucumber per unit dropping 6.1%.

The full list of items that are rounded up can be found here.

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