The first quarry hotel in the world is now open in China

Nov 22 2018, 9:00 am

Forget skyscrapers – what about a groundscraper?

After ten years of construction, a new hotel has opened in China with 336 rooms and 18 floors… 16 of which are below the earth’s surface.

quarry hotel

World’s first quarry hotel. (

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel is the world’s first hotel to be built in a quarry. It’s bringing luxury to a whole new level, and that level is 289 feet into the ground.

quarry hotel

Underwater suite. (

The bottom two floors feature underwater suites (move over, Maldives) where you can watch the fish swim by in the surrounding aquariums, or eat at the underwater restaurant, Mr. Fisher.

quarry hotel

Mr. Fisher. (

Costing a casual 2 billion Chinese yuan (over $380 million CAD) to make, this hotel has been built in a previously abandoned quarry in the Sheshan Mountain range about 30 km southwest of Shanghai.

The most basic rooms are priced at 3,888 yuan ($742 CAD) per night, or nearly half of the average local monthly income.

quarry hotel

Garnet King room.(

Guests can enjoy a drink in the hotel bar, aptly named The Quarry. There are also rock climbing and kayaking facilities, as well as a staircase where guests can walk to the bottom of the quarry.

This Wonderland is now open to the public so if you ever wanted to live your best life in a giant pit in the earth, now’s your chance!

quarry hotel

Lower levels. (

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