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Farhan Mohamed – Editor-in-Chief & Partner
T: @farhanmohamed | I: @farhanmohamed | [email protected]

Eric Wainwright – Managing Editor
T: @eric_wainwright | [email protected]

Yasmin Aboelsaud – Toronto City Editor
T: @missAdVANture | [email protected]

Kenneth Chan – Features Editor
T: @iamkennethchan | [email protected]

Rob Williams – Sports Editor
T: @robthehockeyguy[email protected]

Jessica Brown – Grow Editor
[email protected]

Kellie Paxian – Travel Editor
[email protected]

Hanna McLean – Dished Vancouver Editor
T: @hannajmclean | [email protected]

Eric Zimmer – Staff Writer
T: @ericzimmer1 | [email protected]

Simran Singh – Staff Writer
T: @simranroohi | [email protected]

Chandler Walter – Staff Writer
T: @chandlerswalter | [email protected]

Ainsley Smith – Staff Writer
T: @ainsleysmithy | [email protected]

Vincent Plana – Staff Writer
[email protected]

Peter Nolan-Smith – Online Editor
[email protected]

Visnja Milidragovic – Content Manager
T: @vishmili | [email protected]


Zain Meghji – Head of Video
T: @ZainMeghji | [email protected]

Andrew Bartlett – Videographer/Editor
T: @andrewnsb | [email protected]

David Newman – Videographer/Editor
[email protected]

Laurenne Karmel – Video Content Coordinator
[email protected]


Mike Sholars – Branded Content Editor
T: @sholarsenic | [email protected]

Catriona Hughes – Content Writer
T: @hughescatriona | [email protected]


Ryan Sullivan – Head of Podcasts
T: @sullivancouver | [email protected]


Manny Bahia – Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer
[email protected]

Philippe Maurer – Director of Strategy
[email protected]

Kyle Rasode – Director of National Sales
T: @kylerasode | [email protected]

Emily Morrey-Jones – Account Manager
[email protected]

Aaron Chen – Account Manager
[email protected]

Mindy Kim – Account Manager
[email protected]

Daniel Nguyen – Account Manager
[email protected]

Pamela Torres – Account Manager
[email protected]

Meghan Gee – Account Manager
[email protected]

Sonu Sharma – Project Manager
T: @sonusharma_ | [email protected]

Natasha Kumari – Project Manager
[email protected]

Alvin Hartono – Project Manager
[email protected]

Joyce Lacsamana – Project Manager
[email protected]


Karm Sumal – Co-Founder & CEO
T: @KarmSumal | I: @InstaKarm | [email protected]

Michael Tao – Development Operations Engineer
T: @MichaelTao | [email protected]

Jarett Lopez – Growth Marketing Specialist
[email protected]

Vanessa Shakespeare – Digital Marketing Specialist
T: @alexandraeeliza | [email protected]

Alexandra Best – Social Media Coordinator
T: @alexandraeeliza | [email protected]

Kelsey Watson – Social Media Coordinator
T: @kelswats | [email protected]

Matt Lam – Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]

Sharan Sumal – Head of Product Innovation
T: @sharan_sumal | [email protected]


Aisling Geaney – Financial Controller
[email protected]

Alfred Zagloul – Senior Accountant
[email protected]

Klaryssa Pangilinan – People & Culture Administrator
[email protected]


Alex Southey – Events
Amy Beeman – Life
Andrew Roberts – Sports
Bailey Meadows – Sports
Buzz Bishop – Life
Charlie Caskey – Sports
Clay Imoo – Sports
Daniel Chai – Arts, Events
Darcy Wintonyk – Life
Emily Southey – Life
Harleen Khangura – Arts
Ian Lusher – Sports
Jay DeMerit – Sports
Jorge Mendoza – Sports
Lachlan Macintosh – Sports
Lindsay Barker – Arts
Mark Dailey – Sports
Milena Petrovich – Food
Omar Rawji – Sports
Paul Edwards – Sports
Rituro – Sports
Rob Feller – Arts
Ruth Kapelus – Sports
Ryan Biech – Sports
Ryan Sullivan – Sports
Ryan Tessier – Food
Steve Lancashire – Sports
Trevor Dueck – Arts
Vanessa Tam – Arts
Vince Kanasoot – Arts
Vince Morello – Sports
Will Woods – Arts
Wyatt Arndt – Sports

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