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14 photos of The Tragically Hip's first Vancouver farewell concert

Lauren Sundstrom Jul 25, 2016 4:39 am

It was a full house on Sunday night as fans of The Tragically Hip packed Rogers Arena to bid farewell to the iconic Canadian band.

The Hip have embarked on their final tour following lead singer Gordon Downie’s terminal brain cancer diagnosis. The band kicked off their Man Machine Poem tour in Victoria and are playing two sold out shows here in Vancouver.

If you weren’t able to make it last night, here are 14 photos of The Tragically Hip rocking out at Rogers Arena (and for those lucky enough to have tickets for Tuesday’s show, think of this as a preview).

#thetragicallyhip #thehip #vancouver #courage

A photo posted by Jet Set White Trash (@jswtrash) on

The signature Gord Downie shuffle. Patent pending. #thetragicallyhip

A video posted by Naomi (@mrweenie01) on

My husband took this pic, better then the ones I took #courageforgord #manmachinepoemtour #thetragicallyhip

A photo posted by Jenna Stein (@snow_white_smile) on

Peace, Gordie. #manmachinepoem #gorddownie #thetragicallyhip #tth

A photo posted by Ryan Ashton (@rwashton) on

#neworleansissinking #thehip #thetragicallyhip #gordon #thehipvancouver

A video posted by Johnny Veres (@punkrokk65) on

Tragically Hip #thetragicallyhip #manmachinepoemtour #yola #tragicallyhip #gorddownie #thehip

A photo posted by aaaaajay (@amandajonezzzz) on

As always, nothing short of epic. #thetragicallyhip

A photo posted by Naomi (@mrweenie01) on

The Hip did not disappoint. #thetragicallyhip

A photo posted by @aeromommy on

what a legend #gord #thetragicallyhip #manmachinepoemtour

A photo posted by @rosiemarielucy on

Lauren Sundstrom
Lauren is a former staff writer at Daily Hive. She's a graduate of BCIT's Broadcast and Online Journalism program.

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