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After two cancelled concerts Kanye West is back in Vancouver

Yasmin Aboelsaud Oct 17, 2016 5:24 am 3,485

Almost three years ago today, Vancouver’s excitement level was high as Kanye West’s 2013 tour was set to hit Rogers Arena.

But to the surprise of thousands of fans, the Yeezus Tour was postponed just hours before the Saturday night show.

Fast forward to October 31, and patient local fans were in for another massive disappointment. One day before his scheduled appearance for his postponed show, West cancelled his Vancouver concert once again. And this time, there was no rescheduling for a later date. The reason for cancelling? The gear was damaged because of an accident, according to a statement by Rogers Arena at the time.

And so here we are, in 2016. Two kids, an Adidas collaboration, and one Life of Pablo album later, and Mr. 808s & Heartbreak is here – in Vancouver.

The tour began back in August, and included two shows in Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. West also made an appearance in July at Drake’s OVO Fest in Toronto – three times in the 6ix in less than four weeks, zero times in Vancouver in over three years.

But on the day of his big show, tickets are still available for Rogers Arena.

And if you still haven’t forgiven Mr. West, here are some lyrics to help ease your pain, on this day, the day Kanye West finally came to Vancouver.

  • Feeling the “Ultralight Beam” of this glorious day

“We on a ultra light beam, we on a ultra light beam
This is a god dream, this is a god dream
This is everything.”

  • Gotta “Get Em High” while you can

“I’m gonna follow my heart and if you follow the charts or the plaques or the stacks, you ain’t gotta guess who’s back.”

Guess who’s back?!

  • All the “Real Friends” hitting you up for those tickets now that he’s here

“Lookin’ for all my real friends
How many of us? How many of us are real friends
To real friends, ’til the reel end
‘Til the wheels fall off, ’til the wheels don’t spin.”

‘Til Kanye is back in town.

  • And be ready for all the “Feedback” tonight

“Ayyy, ya heard about the good news?
Y’all sleepin on me, huh?
Had a good snooze?
Wake up, n*gga, wake up.”

‘Cuz you know… Kanye is here and all. Actually.

  • Let’s not all be so “Paranoid”

“Why are you so paranoid? Don’t be so paranoid.”

He’s not cancelling. Get over it.

  • Because let’s face it, “I Love Kanye”

“I miss the old Kanye, straight from the go Kanye
Chop up the soul Kanye, set on his goals Kanye
I hate the new Kanye, the bad mood Kanye
The always-rude Kanye, spaz in the news Kanye
I miss the sweet Kanye, chop up the beats Kanye
I gotta say, at that time, I’d like to meet Kanye.”

And here’s hoping, because he’s here!

So yes, Kanye, we have forgiven you. And welcome you back to Vancouver.

… please, please don’t cancel this show.

Yasmin Aboelsaud
Senior Staff Writer, music aficionado, fueled by coffee, travel & Drake.

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