If Cape Town isn’t on your bucket list yet, consider this your reality check. Alexa, turn up the volume, ‘cause we’re ready to party.

You want a world class city with hiking, paragliding, surfing? Or maybe you’re after epic nightlife, incredible diversity, and fascinating history? How about awesome eats and drinks and the most friendly and vivacious locals?

Oh we’re not done yet. You want to go wine touring? Shark diving? Paragliding? Kayaking? See penguins? How about kayaking amongst the penguins?

Cape Town’s got it all.

Parts feel like Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, all mixed up with some African flavour. Cape Town is advanced, trendy, and hospitable, with just enough grit and edge to make it a non stop adventure.

Coming out of a very recent conflicted history, Cape Town’s diverse cultures have come together to create a largely harmonious, vibrant community that will welcome you with open arms and epic dance moves. Yes, there is still work to be done, and it’s true that travellers may need to be extra mindful of their safety, but this is general advice for travelling anywhere and in no way takes away from Cape Town’s allure.

You can be as boujee or as budget-conscious as you like in this city, and your experience will be incredible either way.

With Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and Devil’s Peak as a backdrop, the Mother City is topographically stunning. The energy is alive and absolutely infectious.

If Cape Town is even remotely on your radar, bookmark this page as we share the top spots to eat, drink, things to do, neighbourhoods to explore, and Instagram inspiration. And if it's not, well, you're missing a much-needed reality check.


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