This Yaletown closet could be yours for just $750

Jan 24 2018, 5:30 pm

Are you looking for a place to live in Vancouver? Somewhere in the heart of downtown – maybe even Yaletown? Is your budget under $1,000 a month?

Well, look no further than this Craigslist post.

For just $750 a month ($750!) this “comfy n cozy” (cough*) “den” (double cough*) can be yours.

Hey, it’s even furnished – with a single bed!

Oh, also, it’s a closet.

Just look at all that “cozy” privacy.

So are you the right person for this “room?” That depends.

According to the post, the room is good for potential renters who are “clean and respectfull”(sic).

Other features of this place?

It’s “420 friendly and dog friendly (occasionally).”  Hydro “n internet” included with “some dinner nights. ”

Something cheaper?

Like the look of this place, but still looking for something cheaper?

Don’t worry, with this being Vancouver, there’s plenty of housing options.

Like this one for instance:

For $150 less than the listing above, this beauty comes furnished (single bed, again) “in heart of downtown in apartment right on Broughton St close to Robson St so very convenient if u go school or work in robson or English bay or davie st.” (Say it all in one breath.)

As an added bonus? It’s available now! And “Hydro n internet” are included.

But wait, there’s more!

Still not sold on either of these places? Don’t worry, let us present you with a third option:

This place is much the same as the others, but it appears they’ve even tossed in a sleeping bag of some sort to go with this “furnished” room.

So there you go.

The next time someone complains about the lack of affordable accommodation in our city, you just show them these options.

Keep in mind, actual bedrooms in homes legally require amenities such as windows, according to BC’s building code. The view of the outside world shouldn’t just be a luxury in today’s day and age.

And while people sleeping in closets (and paying a good chunk of change to do so) may seem like we’re at the peak of housing ridiculousness, we can all be glad that at least we’re not sleeping in drawers. (Not yet, anyways.)


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