Haunted Vancouver: The House on King Edward & Cambie

Dec 19 2017, 12:40 pm

It’s Halloween time so naturally around this time of the year stories of the paranormal begin to surface. Vancouver seems to be a hot bed for stories of the supernatural. One of these stories centres around a house on King Edward and Cambie, if you live in Vancouver then many of you already know which house I’m talking about. If not it’s the blue castle looking house diagonally opposite the new Skytrain station on King Ed.

Apparently sits on an ancient Native Indian burial ground, don’t all tales from the dark side start off like this, anyways, legend has it that these Indians souls don’t want you disturbing their final resting place. Numerous stories our out there about this particular house and anyone who dares enter it will be met with an unwelcome, eerie unease.

Here are some of the stories that are out there:
The couple, the baby and the crib: One night the new occupants of the house put their baby in its crib. They go back to their rooms and soon after they hear the baby screaming and crying. The couple ran into the nursery to find the baby at the edge of the window sill.

The family that just moved in: A new family just bought the house and finished moving in. After such a horrendous move they were famished and decided to go to dinner to curb their hunger. When they came back their entire luggage and clothes were folded and packed neatly. It was an ominous warning telling they must leave.

The family on the lawn: A new family had just moved in and went to sleep in their new home. The next day they wake up on the lawn with all their boxes and suitcases next them.

The woman in the window: This is from personal experience. I am a firm believer that there are somethings beyond our realm of understanding and capacity of explanation, ghosts and UFO sightings being amongst many others. One day as a teenager I rode my bike to this place; I knew nothing of this place at the time. The house was vacant as a “for sale” sign was up. The Realtor had just finished an open house, locked up and was on her way. I asked if she sold it today and she replied, “no not yet, not much interest in this place if you know what I mean.” I nodded my head as if I understood what the hell she was talking about all I knew was the house was vacant at the time. I went back to grab my bike and this lady like figure was seen passing by the top floor window. That freaked me out and I grabbed my bike and got the hell out of dodge.

Is this house haunted? Who knows, but there are many other stories out there about this one particular house and around this time of the year, the stories seem to come out of the woodwork.

Update: Check out the google map and see if you can spot the ghostly apparition in one of the windows.

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