Trump Tower official opening prompts protest in Vancouver (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Feb 28 2017, 7:50 pm

Dozens of protesters gathered outside Vancouver’s new Trump Tower today, as the Trump Hotel welcomed Donald Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. for its grand opening day.

The protesters, who were mostly anti-Trump Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans, brandished placards, drummed and sang, as they filled the sidewalk outside the new tower.

Here’s a round up of photos and videos from the day so far:

Speaking to Daily Hive, the Mexican protester above said he was protesting on behalf of all Mexicans in the US.

“I am here to give a voice to all the Mexicans that are in the States and are being separated from their families,” he said. “They’re not criminals. The only thing they’re doing is going to work – that’s not being a criminal.”

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A couple of pro-Trump activists also showed up to show their support, while everyone jostled for space outside the $360-million luxury building, which was guarded by police and security.

One supporter, wearing a Hillary for Jail 2016 tshirt, told Daily Hive she was proud to have Trump Tower in Vancouver.

“He needs all the support he can get,” she said. “We need the truth. This is a man who is standing against the globalists for us. We should be supporting him, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Do we want to be like Germany, Sweden and France? Absolutely not.”

Meanwhile, an anti-Trump protester wearing a Donald Trump mask said he wanted the Trump name, the use of which was paid for by the developers, taken off the hotel.

“I’d like that name taken down for starters, I think it’s a disgrace,” he said. “I don’t think we should mention his name when we talk about him, he doesn’t care about bad publicity. I call him the Trumpet.”