Top 25 Ways Girls Can Look Hot

Dec 19 2017, 1:56 pm

Ladies that get their advice on attracting the opposite sex from women’s magazines are utilizing the wrong resources. Get tips from the experts, the bros. This summer Vancity Buzz teamed up with Brolog to  spice things up a little bit. Here are 25 ways a girl can look hot in a man’s eyes.

In no particular order:

1.When she’s wearing a sports jersey, and it wasn’t a bandwagon induced fashion decision.

2.When she’s driving a standard car or she drives fast; if you drive a standard car fast, you have hit the male hormone boiling point.

3.When she’s working out; all the lunging and butt flexing is tough to ignore. A lot of erections are hidden at the gym.

4.When she’s wearing a bikini; lots of female obsessions were born on a ‘beach day.’

5.When she’s wearing a baseball hat; lots of gorgeous long hair flowing out the sides and back it’s all just wonderful, especially if you support the same team.

6.When she’s good at a sport; something about the male ego feels challenged when a girl is really good at a certain sport. Guys feel this is their territory and therefore it really turns us on. Tennis and Soccer are the top two turn on sports.

7.When she talks about sports; usually when a girl talks about sports a guy will just roll their eyes. But if what she’s talking about makes sense, and is even insightful, guys can’t help but crack a smile.

8.When she’s wearing sweatpants; remember back in the day, girls would always have a funny name on the back of their sweatpants like ‘juicy’? That always gave us an excuse to read your ass. If you can be sexy in sweatpants, we know your looks won’t fade with time.

9.When she’s wearing booty shorts; the legs just seem to go on forever. This look is like smelling cocaine without actually being able to do a line.
10.When she offers to pay; girls that expect you to pay for everything are girls who are used to their daddies paying for everything (avoid). You know she’s a strong, independent girl who will be an equal partner.

11.When she has hot friends; when a guy starts seeing a new girl he will always want to set his buddies up with her hot friends. The way to winning over a guy’s friends is by having really hot friends to set them up with.
12.When she’s dressed up like a cowgirl; cowboy boots, short jean shorts, skimpy plaid top with a cowboy hat, even guys who hate country music will go nuts over this look.

13.When she can dance; if a girl is a trained dancer, she will usually have a great body to begin with. The guys’ minds will go straight to her potential flexibility in the bedroom.

14.When she talks about sex; girls like sex just as much as guys but it’s a big secret. When she talks about sex and it seems like she even enjoys the activity, guys are all ears.

15.When she’s confident; confidence is a girl walking into a room and owning it. Being sexy is being comfortable in your own skin. Attitude is everything.

16.When she likes to drink beer; if you’re at the bar and a girl goes up and orders a beer its super sexy. We know we can take you out with the boys and you would fit right in.

17.When she’s cooking; you know, hair up, apron on, bun in the oven. Seeing you excel in a domestic environment does nothing but fuel the guys old-fashioned fetish juices.

18.When she has a dirty mouth; a girl with a vulgar sense of humour is such a turn on. Guy’s just know she would be up for anything in the bedroom.

19.When she is out jogging; guys will always turn their heads when a babe is hitting the pavement. It’s right up there with texting induced accidents.

20.When she asks you out; guys sit around and talk about how awesome would it be if we didn’t have to do all the work. If you ask a guy out, it’s a rare thing of beauty. Guys are lazy and would love nothing more than a girl to just fall in their lap.

21.When she laughs at your jokes; nothing is better for the male ego than the girl finding you just hilarious. If you laugh at a guys joke, his precious ego will be rubbed in all the right places.

22.When she’s driving a powerful vehicle; seeing a girl drive a truck or a motorcycle will stop any guy in his tracks. It’s a sign of a strong girl that can handle something powerful.

23.When she loves extreme sports: a lady that is prepared to throw herself off a bridge or out of a plane is a female force not to be reckoned with. Guys will feel challenged by this and most likely chase her right off the cliff.

24.When she’s doing yoga; why do you think guys got into yoga in the first place? Guys will usually wonder who that hot girl is in their yoga class. For some reason, she looks so much hotter in the downward dog position.

25.When she chirps you; it’s no secret guys love to talk and when a girl has some attitude, some swagger and she chirps you real good, you can’t but help smile and think, “I love this girl.”
The Brolog’s Advice: Ladies, use this list as a tool to help you turn your guy on, to attract the guy you really want, or just to be super hot.

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