The top 5 tips for acing your next job interview

Dec 20 2017, 4:01 am

In today’s tough job market even the most seasoned professional can mess up an interview.

Navigating your first meet and greet with HR requires an understanding of not only the company, but several social cues. In light of the 2016 Fairmont Pacific Northwest Career Fair on February 12, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tips for acing your next job interview.


1. Dress appropriately

Anyone can throw on a generic pair of pants with a button-up, but that’s the problem- it’s easy to commit a fashion faux pas for your first interview. A study by Classes and Careers found that 64% of bosses said clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates. The moral of the story? Always dress for the company, and not for yourself.

2. Follow up

What sets you apart from others is the decency and respect to say thank you with an email or LinkedIn message. View a follow up as an opportunity to ask questions, ensure others remember you, show professionalism and build your own confidence. Thank them for their time within 48 hours after the interview.

3. Be authentic

It’s important to sound professional at your job interview but whatever you do, don’t sound over the top. An example of this comes from an Elance-oDesk study that shows over 80% of managers claim their millennial employees display narcissistic tendencies, something they definitely don’t want to see from you in a job interview.


4. Be prepared for tough questions

Prepare for the questions that put you on-the-spot and any worst case scenarios that could make you vulnerable. Scope out the internet for commonly asked questions like “what’s your greatest weakness” and be prepared to spin it to your advantage. Practicing the answers out loud at home by yourself or with a friend will give you the extra confidence boost you need.

5. Ask questions

Preparing some questions beforehand shows that you care about the company and you believe in the culture. Look at interviews as a two-way street since recruiters and hiring managers want to see that candidates are interested in the position and they’re there for the right reasons. Having some questions ready are a great way to demonstrate this.

Pacific Northwest Career Fair 2016

When: Friday, February 12

Where: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – 900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Cost: Free to attend

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