Sponsored Divas: New Vancouver reality show focuses on sponsored women (AKA sugar babies)

Oct 3 2016, 11:50 pm

Vancouver is getting yet another reality show. First there was the Real Housewives of Vancouver, then there was the Ultra Rich Asian Girls of Vancouver, now comes Sponsored Divas or $pon$ored Divas.

Sponsored Divas is looking for four to six females living in Vancouver who are already sponsored, or looking to be, and appreciate the high life and love being taken care of.

You can see this type of relationship all around, especially on social media. You know the girls with thousands and thousands of Instagram followers who are always travelling the world, and somehow forget to tag their sponsor. You know they’re out there (we’re looking at you, Yaletown girl).

Sponsored Divas aims to show viewers a glimpse into the lifestyles and mindsets that these women carry and try to provide some insight as to how or why they have found themselves in such relationships. Whether they’re looking for true love or looking for that new Chanel bag, the cameras will follow the everyday lives of these ladies in Vancouver, as they freely shop and dine, spending away on their sugar daddy’s black card.

Sponsored Divas Vancouver reality show casting call

If you’re a sponsored diva or looking to become one, email your head shots and bio to [email protected].


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