Raindrop Cakes are a real thing and they're now in Vancouver

Jun 13 2016, 4:03 pm

Raindrop Cakes: shiny, jiggly, Instagram-friendly blobs of water, Vancouver’s latest dessert craze is like no other.

Vancouverites on the hunt for a unique treat can now catch these visually stunning Raindrop Cakes at the Richmond Night Market.

Also known as Water Cakes, this gelatinous dessert (reminiscent of silicon breast implants — yes we went there!) is made out of water and agar jelly. Served chilled, it has an interesting texture and is as flavourless as it looks. However, once paired with condiments like soybean powder and a black sugar syrup, it is a moreish and memorable treat.

Still can’t vision this latest social media food trend? Here are a few snaps of the delicate and wacky creation:

Caught the raindrop ☔️💧

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Look at that raindrop cake like w0w0w0w0w0w0w0w0w

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Let’s see what all the hype is about #raindropcake #yvr #richmondnightmarket

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The #watercake is real!! 😮💧#japanesefinds #mochi #notasprettyIRL

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#水信玄餅 #gourmet

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Rain drop cake. Could eat so many of these #ohsoyummy #richmondnightmarket #raindropcake

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