This popular Vancouver poke restaurant is officially launching a line of sushi

May 19 2022, 8:12 pm

Here in Vancouver, we’re all about our raw fish.

From maki sushi to sashimi to West Coast poke bowls, little to nothing can beat the taste of fresh, raw seafood.

And just in time for beach and picnic season, popular Vancouver poke shop Pacific Poke has expanded its offerings to include a full menu lineup of sushi items — meaning even more raw fish for us this summer, score.


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The new Pacific Poke sushi menu consists of three sections: regular rolls, premium rolls, and oshi sushi. Altogether, 12 individual options live on the new menu, and they all sound rather drool-worthy. Let’s take a look at them all, shall we?

Regular Rolls

While these rolls may be simple, there’s nothing basic about them. Featuring a lot of the classics and sushi gateway menu items (we’re looking at you, California roll), any of these would make for a solid order.

1. Salmon Roll

In this one, the deliciously rich salmon gets a kick of heat from cucumber kimchi, wasabi peas, and wasabi crunch.

2. California Roll

The West Coast sensation that was the intro roll into sushi for so many of us (remember trying your first one at 13?), this classic also features the welcome addition of shrimp.

3. Veggie Roll

To balance out some of the fish consumption, this veg-filled roll is bursting with fresh goodies like tofu, carrots, cucumber kimchi, red onion, and a nice sesame miso sauce.

4. Spicy Tuna Roll

A sushi staple on par with the California roll, cucumber kimchi spices things up in this roll packed with delectable tuna.

5. Chicken Gochu Roll

In this Chicken Gochu Roll, tender chicken breast gets amped up with a Korean gochujang sauce, and a pleasant crunch of cucumbers.

6. Salmon Avo Roll

A match made in heaven, fresh, spicy salmon meets creamy avocado and sweet sushi rice in this roll, with a wasabi crunch topping for a perfectly balanced bite.

Premium Rolls

Inspired by Pacific Poke’s much-loved poke bowls, these premium options pack a bit more in every bite, adding some extra flavour dimension to all the goodness going on within the rice.

1. Maui Roll

Dressed in a yellow soy sheet this vibrant roll is loaded with crab, shrimp, tuna, mango, red onion, and mango vinaigrette. This creation is a thoughtful ode to the Aloha State.

2. Main Roll

A fan favourite, this maki option is rollin’ with crab, shrimp, salmon, spicy tuna, ginger jicama, avocado, citrus mayo, and a wasabi crunch — yum. It’s creamy, spicy, and crunchy — what more could you ask for?

3. Cali Roll

Sweet masago and salmon amp up this luxurious version of a California Roll, for the days you’re feeling a little extra fancy. It’s dressed in a pink soy sheet, too, making it look extra pretty.

Oshi Sushi

Vancouver restaurant Pacific Poke now offers a sushi menu

Oshi sushi at Pacific Poke (Pacific Poke)

Oshi (Oshizushi) or pressed sushi is a paradisal way to consume salmon, tuna, rice, and all the goodies that get featured in these cake-like sushi bites.

1. Wasabi Tuna Oshi

For all the tuna fanatics (aren’t we all?), this oshi has ruby ahi tuna meet creamy wasabi mayo, wasabi crunch, and masago for a bite that’s bursting with sweetness and fresh oceanic flavours.

2. Basil Shrimp Oshi

For a sweeter sensation, try this Basil Shrimp Oshi. It’s a bright star that features sweet shrimp and pineapple and is all balanced out by a kick of citrus mayo and herby pesto.

3. Spicy Salmon Oshi

Last but most definitely not least is the oh so classic Spicy Salmon Oshi. This spicy salmon delight is dressed with spicy mayo and a sliver of jalapeƱo — packing a pleasant heat that’s balanced just right by the slightly sweet sushi rice.

Hungry? Us too. To try Pacific Poke’s new sushi line for yourself, find a store near you at, or order online here.

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