Is a BC Liberal leadership race in the near future?

May 29 2017, 11:02 pm

In light of Monday’s announcement that the BC Green and NDP party plan to form a minority government, at least one political commentator believes there will “almost certainly” be a leadership race in the near future for the BC Liberals.

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Quito Maggi is a political commentator, as well as president and CEO of Mainstreet Research – a national public research firm.

He told Daily Hive that Christy Clark, as the second-longest serving Canadian Premier, has “had her chances.”

Moving forward, can the Lieutenant Governor “allow the BC liberals to present a throne speech that will surely be defeated?” Maggi asked. “What concensions would have to be in that throne speech for BC Liberals and Christy Clark to survive?”

Finally, he said if a throne speech is indeed allowed, would the LG allow a new election if that confidence vote was defeated?

These, he said, “are all unlikely scenarios” for a BC Liberal government.

In a written statement on Monday, Clark said that as leader of the incumbent government, both she and her party “have a responsibility to carefully consider our next steps. I will consult on those steps with the newly elected BC Liberal caucus, and have more to say tomorrow.”