Macarons in Vancouver: Lessons at French Made Baking Part 1

Macarons are easy to eat, but tricky to make.  To get hands on experience, French Made Baking offers classes twice a month on how to make your very own macarons. The chef and owner, David Introligator, provides a lesson in making classic French macarons and then students can test their skills in the restaurant’s kitchen. Additionally, David will show how Italian styled macarons are made, which are the type of  macarons sold at French Made Baking.

At French Made Baking, you are provided with all the necessary tools to begin your macaron baking adventure! The ingredients of making the macaron  is already prepared. David began doing a demo of making macarons before the students started. The chocolate ganache has already been made in store, as it requires few days for preparation.

Cocoa powder and ground almond mixture for macaron shells

David showed us how to use a mixer to whip the egg whites into a frothy foam, and folding the egg whites into the mixture of cocoa powder and ground almonds.

The batter is then put inside a piping bag, and is piped onto a tray. After they were piped, they must be laid to dry for thirty minutes before putting them in the oven. This step is very important!

When the macaron shells were ready to be taken out of the oven, David showed the class how to pipe chocolate ganache to fill the macarons.

After David gave a demonstration on how he made his macarons, we followed his instructions to make our own. With David’s supervision, making these tricky pastries was less difficult than I imagined.

Macaron shells in the oven

After the macarons were made, they had to be stored in a refrigerator for two days before consuming. That way, the chocolate and the shell will stick together perfectly!

The tops of the macaron shells were grainy and not smooth, and I may have not gotten a perfect ratio of macaron shell to chocolate ganache, but they tasted pretty delicious for a first time homemade macaron!

Not only will students be receiving a hands on class in making 18 macarons to take home, French Made Baking also gives six of their own macarons. Additionally, you will be given the recipe and other supplies to take home to make your own macarons.

Each lesson is $120(tax included) per person. For more information on macaron lessons at French Made Baking, check out their website. After that 2.5 hour lesson, making macarons seemed less challenging than I imagined and I’m prepared to make a batch of them for everyone!

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Pictures and Article by: Whitney Hong, (@wheetnee) Blogger of WandsAndPliers


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