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Vancouver Model: Krystle Millions

DH Vancouver Staff Dec 06, 2010 3:06 pm

Krystle is 23 years old and just recently moved back to Vancouver after living in Calgary for 9 years. She is more then what meets the eye.

I really cant be defined because there is so much to me. I have many sides to me, but if anything I would say I’m pretty random. I have no fear and I like being silly and doing unexpected things. Those who know me also know I say a lot of unexpected comments. I like the shock value, and I love making others laugh , but most importantly I love making myself laugh. I am selfish with the purest intentions because in life you have to put yourself first because your the only one who can make yourself happy, not anyone or anything. by selfish I mean living for myself and looking out for number one. ultimately it does make you treat others better when your feeling good about yourself. so by being happy within, I am excited to talk to others and make a lasting impression. being selfish with the purest intentions meaning you do for you, and you don’t have hatred for others or try to hurt them while your living for you. I love to write, I am very creative, my mind is always going. I have my note pad in my black berry filled with ideas as well as songs, and poems. I write every single day, whether it’s just a verse, a chorus, or a quote. I get new ideas everyday. I am a huge believer and user of the law of attraction. I should be an example of it, and I am an example of it. I believe in feeling good inside and then what is matched to your energy will be brought to you. My newest tattoo on my side arm says “as within, so without” some people don’t understand what it means and that just says a lot to me about them, but it’s simple. As you feel on the inside, is going to appear and be brought forth on the outside.

Vancity Buzz: Describe your typical day off?

Krystle: Everyone that knows me, knows that I work a lot, so I rarely get a lot of down time. but when I do, I usually sleep in, then get ready (you gotta look cute living in Vancouver), if it’s nice out I’ll go to Starbucks then sit by the ocean and write my book and work on my songs. If it’s raining which happens a lot here, I’ll usually still get my daily Starbucks fix, then come home and spend as much time as I can writing. My days off are days that I got to get things done so I’ll get groceries, go for a tan, and clean. I sound so boring, haha, it just really depends on the day. Now that it’s winter I can’t go to the beach everyday like I was in the summer, but in nice weather on my days off I like taking full advantage of it and being out as much as i can. I love biking the sea wall, and just hanging out with friends . Making the best of life and enjoying every moment, but also making sure I get my things done that I love.

VcB: Now on to modeling, How long have you been modeling and where do you see that going for you?

Krystle: I have been modeling since I was 18.  I started doing the Sunshine girl in the Sun papers. I was a Sunshine girl 4 times, and then I appeared in their calendar, I was a Vex parting shot girl, I did a few contests as well and appeared in another calendar. I just recently shot for “Shoot for the Sun”, that calendar comes out end of this year. With modeling, I love doing it, and i just take the opportunities that come to me. If anything I’m more into writing. But when things come up that I have good feelings about I will do them.  I would love to be a spokesmodel for something, whether it be a make up product, clothing line, or hair product. I get a lot of attention and I know how to talk to people, so I would be a great candidate to be the face for a product or company.

VcB: I know you’re a big music fan, what’s your favourite band/artist of all time?

Krystle: There are so many artists and bands that I love, but for different reasons. Ultimately it is all art and it’s kind of like paintings, everyone has their own style and preference when it comes to their masterpiece but all in all they are all talented and creative in their own ways and they all have a message and expression to it. Of course Britney is amazing because she is a great performer and she is a sweet heart and always puts on a good show. I love bands they are my favorite. I love watching live shows. I love people who can write lyrics and put music to their words. Tegan and Sara are very talented, I love Marianas Trench. Josh is so creative and I look up to that.  The lyrics are so meaningful. When I listen to a song I look deeper into the lyrics and try to understand it. I like putting a story to the lyrics, since I write lyrics as well I know where my lyrics come from, so I like reading and looking into lyrics of others to get the feeling of where they came from. sometimes when I listen to some songs they are catchy but the lyrics make no sense, I like the more meaningful songs. I love Katy Perry , she is a great song writer, as well as her personality is a lot like mine. She has her silliness but also she has her serious side to her and her business side. I think she is very entertaining and a very smart lady.

VcB: Writing is a passion of yours, is there a book in your future?

Krystle: Yes there is! I have a lot of ideas…too many ideas. but a great friend of mine told me its better to have too much going on the none at all. I have novel ideas, as well as a self help/self motivation book going, my book that I plan on publishing first is still in the works but I am so excited. I feel like I could sit and write forever. I look forward to just writing in my future.

VcB: You work at Caprice, so I bet you’ve had some weird experience. Care to share one?

Krystle: Haha I think there is an experience for sure at least every night, I guess weird is one word you can use for it. since I work right by the VIP, above me there is a balcony from upstairs, one night at about 1:30 almost time to close it down for the night, this purple stuff comes down on my station…chunky purple , followed by clear water like stuff, someone has thrown up over the ledge and onto my space, thankfully I only go the clear stuff on me and I was able to avoid getting totally covered in barf. I think the real weird stuff happens on Granville after the bars have closed. I use to always wait for taxi’s at 3 am , and you see fights, people puking, people crying, people fighting for cabs. They should make a reality show about Granville street after dark…

VcB: Favourite thing about Vancouver?

Krystle: I love how there is always something to do. I love nature and I love doing active things, so living here there is something you can do everyday. I love being so close to the water, I love to bring my Mac to the ocean and just writing in peace. There are just way too many things I love about Vancouver, which is why I live here and I am in love with it.

Photos by Bob Lai

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