Haunted Vancouver: King Edward & Cambie

Dec 19 2017, 1:09 pm

The most famous of real haunted houses in Vancouver is situated on the southeast corner of the intersection at King Edward and Cambie, just across the street from the Canada Line station.

Sitting on an ancient native indian burial ground is an obvious cause for hauntings – a grisly discovery by contractors during the house’s construction process. Legend has it that these native indian souls don’t want you disturbing their final resting place.

There are stories of a lawyer who once lived in the house that wanted to kick his elderly mother out of his home, but she refused to leave. So he murdered her, and now her spirit is trapped inside the house.

Some interesting stories below:

1. A couple put their baby in its crib before going to bed. They went to their room and soon after they were in their own room, they heard their baby crying. The couple went back into the nursery to find the baby at the edge of the window sill.

2. The house has been difficult to sell given the stories that it is a murder house containing paranormal activity. Despite warnings, a family bought the bargain home and moved in. They went out for dinner one night and when they came back, their luggage and clothes were folded and neatly packed. It was definitely a warning for them to leave.

3. Another family also bought the home at bargain prices. They had just moved in and gone to sleep for the night. The next day, they woke up to a startling change of environment: the bed they had been sleeping on was now on the front lawn along with all their boxes and suitcases.

4. Is that an apparition in the window on Google Street View? View Map


The home is now occupied by Buddhist monks who were brought in to bless the home. Besides the spirits that still live in the home, the monks have since become its permanent residents.

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