Fluffy Kittens brings artisanal ice cream to Chinatown

Jul 31 2016, 5:52 am

July 10, 2017: Editor’s noteFluffy Kittens closed in December 2016. The space is now Kokomo

The name is misleading. Fluffy Kittens is, in fact, an ice cream shop despite being named after the adorable and cuddly creatures.

Located at 611 Gore Avenue in Chinatown, recently opened Fluffy Kittens is owned and operated by Claudine Michaud (owner of Bioéthique Spa in Kits).

Stocking a decadent and delicious collection of high quality artisan ice cream, gelato, and vegan frozen dessert products, the frozen treat purveyor is sure to get into the hearts of ice cream lovers across the city.

While Fluffy Kittens doesn’t make nor does it sell its own ice cream goods it does carry a range of local ice cream brands. From the dipping cabinet, customers will be able to find classic and inventive flavours from Artisto GelatoSalt Lick, Say Hello Sweets, Brown Paper Packages, Earnest Ice Cream, Johnny’s Pops, and Tubify.

For those who worship gelato, the Okanagan’s organic Artisto Gelato is where it’s at. Choose between flavours like Creamsicle, Hazelnut, Mojito, Raspberry Lemonade, Pistachio, Cappuccino, Raspberry Chocolate, and more.

Fluffy Kittens customers are able to grab their ice cream to-go (available in a cup or cone; vegan option also up for grabs), or pull up a stool to enjoy this bright and high-ceilinged space. Fluffy Kittens is open from 4 to 11 pm daily. Look out for extended hours in the coming weeks.

Jess Fleming/Daily Hive

Raspberry Lemonade Gelato (Jess Fleming/Daily Hive)

Jess Fleming/Daily Hive

Inside Fluffy Kittens (Jess Fleming/Daily Hive)

Fluffy Kittens (Jess Fleming/Daily Hive)

Fluffy Kittens (Jess Fleming/Daily Hive)

Jess Fleming/Daily Hive

Dipping cabinet (Jess Fleming/Daily Hive)

Jess Fleming/Daily Hive

Exterior shot (Jess Fleming/Daily Hive)

Fluffy Kittens

Address: 611 Gore Avenue, Vancouver

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