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hello, Dolly

Hello, Dolly! is a musical that was first performed in 1964. The music and lyrics for this one of the most successful musicals has been written by Jerry Herman. The story revolves around Dolly Levi who is a widowed New Yorker set to marry half-a- millionaire Horace. She is a matchmaker and that is why Horace seeks her skills. However, instead of intending to make a match, he wants Dolly to divert his niece’s attention from a man who has artsy inclinations. It is because Horace has little place for passion and more regard for money. Being a matchmaker, Dolly helps this innocent couple instead to run away taken over by her romantic mindset. Horace likes another woman named Irene and when Dolly learns about this new woman she takes up the job of breaking the couple apart so she could marry Horace. Dolly is successful in her task and ends up scoring a date with Horace. But this is when the play takes a more interesting turn because Horace sees two of his workers together which he finds against his rules and thinks they are not dedicated to their working life. This upsets Dolly and she is vexed with uncharitable soul of the man she found charming at first. However, the next day Horace makes all the wrongs right and ends up melting Dolly’s heart. This witty romantic-comedy called Hello, Dolly! has been adapted time and time again ever since 1964. With heart touching and strong musical performances is a very enjoyable show. To watch this classical you can book shows, Hello Dolly tickets are here, and the last show will be performed on January 14, 2018. You have the opportunity to watch the classical beauty Donna Murphy and the iconic Bette Midler. You can pick the show for your favorite artists to add to the charm of an already moving Broadway musical.

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