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Apr 29, 2018 1:00 pm
Apr 29, 2018 3:00 pm
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$60.00 to $60.00
L'Atelier Vancouver Coworking
Chocolate with Geoseph
319 West Hastings Street, #400, Vancouver

The Chocolate Crash Course!

The only workshop of its kind with 16 incredible products to sample! Open to the public, for anyone who is curious to know more about this glorious and misunderstood food. Packed full of interesting facts, tools, and loads of chocolate and cocoa products for you to enjoy.

This no nonsense workshop is not for snobs, but for anyone who loves chocolate and enjoys learning about their food. Casual, laid back, and interactive. All are welcome. You will actually get to TASTE the history and the process of chocolate. What did chocolate taste like thousands of years ago? How does grinding and conching chocolate affect the flavour? You will be able to learn and actually taste what we're talking about!

Who is invited?

-Anyone with a passion for food and chocolate
-If you're intimidated by food tastings, or feel you're not a good taster, this workshop is definitely for you!

Features of the workshop:
-Taste the Process of Chocolate (learn what a maker is tasting for as they process the chocolate from bean to bar)
-Taste the History of Chocolate (includes samples of historic chocolate and cacao products)
-Neurogastronomy (A fun approach to help develop your sense of flavour)
-A Chocolate Tasting Challenge (A guided professional dark chocolate tasting)

-Literature covering the topics above
-A Chocolate Flavour & Quality Wheel
-A stomach full of 16 chocolate and cacao related products

All the flavour from the chocolate will come from the cocoa bean itself, no other flavours added. Even if you feel you don't like dark chocolate, you may be surprised with what you experience here. Give us a try, and experience a new world of chocolate and flavour.

No judgements here. Only good conversation and incredible chocolate. Come with questions, and an appetite. Salute!

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