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Mar 31, 2018 8:00 pm
Apr 01, 2018 1:00 am
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$10.00 to $10.00
The Woods Studio
Hello Moth Corporation
7 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver

Live Electronic Music at Woods

Improvisational duet DAñSE forms the figurehead of this exciting night of wild electronic heart-flutters and foot-stomps. Electro-choral pop from Calgarian musician Hello Moth collides with the neo-psychedelic dreams of Latvian performer Elizabete Balčus to take you to unexplored heights of sonic fantasy. Join them for a memorable evening of cutting edge artistry and performance.

DAÑSE (Vancouver)
DAñSE is a collaboration between Daniel Ruiz and Sean Bayntun using structured improvisation with electronic and acoustic instruments. Every DAñSE performance has its own unique life and feeling, transporting your ears mind and body through a musical journey of magic mysticism and lots of dancing.

HELLO MOTH (Calgary)
Hello Moth interweaves electronics with organics to make poetic electro-pop that is sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting, and always deeply affecting. His voice--forceful yet ethereal--merges with synthesizers to create otherworldly songs and powerful performances.

Elizabete Balčus is a Latvian musician and performance artist who creates neo-psychedelic dream pop from surprising, collaged genre juxtapositions, simultaneously melodic and experimental. Her live performances engage the audience with a psychedelic and theatrical situation that is as befuddling as it is mesmerizing.

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