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Mar 25, 2018 1:00 pm
Mar 25, 2018 3:30 pm
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$60.00 to $60.00
L'Atelier Vancouver Coworking
Chocolate with Geoseph
319 West Hastings Street, #400, Vancouver

Chocolate NOT For Snobs (Chocolate Sensory Workshop)

This is an exciting and comprehensive chocolate workshop which explores the world of fine chocolate. The content here is often only found at the professional level, but this fun and interactive workshop brings that information to you, the consumer. The purpose of these workshops is to help you become a smarter consumer, and in turn you'll become more satisfied with the chocolate you eat.

Why is it called the sensory workshop? It's because not only will you learn the process and history by reading and listening, but also by tasting! We will learn how to eat fine chocolate using all 6 of our senses, and understand how each component is important to our flavour experience.

We will cover:
The process of chocolate, from tree to bar (with samples)
The historical geography & evolution of chocolate (with samples)
Chocolate neurogastronomy
Professional tasting tools to become a chocolate tasting connoisseur
An In depth fine chocolate tasting of dark chocolates only

You will acquire:
A deeper understanding of chocolate manufacturing and history, and how it's important to you
An idea of the labour practises, fair trade, and ethics of chocolate
The ability to confidently read labels, packaging, and chocolate jargon
The knowledge of where flavour in chocolate is created, and what determines quality
Understanding how flavour works, and how you can obtain the most flavour from your chocolate
Practical tools for tasting chocolate like a professional connoisseur!

You will take home:
Literature containing information on the topics covered
A chocolate flavour wheel
A tasting booklet
A belly full of chocolate, cocoa drinks, and cocoa products!

The tasting component will be a flight of single origin dark chocolate only. Understanding chocolate begins with understanding the flavour of the cocoa bean and, similar to how a purist would enjoy an espresso or wine tasting.

This is a comfortable and laid back workshop, where input and inquiring minds are encouraged! Remember, this is NOT for snobs, but for those who want to understand. No judgements here. Only good conversation and good chocolate. Come with questions, and an appetite. Salute!

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