A two-time Canadian Olympian tells us the best way to workout on the road

Aug 10 2017, 4:46 am

Emily Batty is a professional athlete. She is a regular on the mountain bike World Cup circuit and has represented Canada at the Rio and London Olympic Games. 

We all know a consistent workout regime is important, but when you are on the road it can be really hard to fit it in a daily routine. Every year I travel extensively from April to October for competitions and I can’t rely on finding a gym, so I came up with a workout that I can do in my hotel or Airbnb and takes less than 22 minutes.

I usually do this workout after a long ride, but you can do it on its own and it will still be very effective. The only additional thing you’ll need is furniture sliders, but they’re inexpensive and can easily fit in your suitcase if you’re on the road. I don’t typically have much energy left post bike ride, but balancing your cardio with core or plyometric training is really important, so I grab a Red Bull after cycling and before doing this workout to help me power through.

Below is the workout I do while on the road that can be adapted to any small space. Enjoy!

Three rounds of the following:

Push-ups x20


Push-ups (Emily Batty)

These are hardly enjoyable but a good bang for your buck when on a time crunch. More of an ab workout than you may think and when practicing proper form.  Try tucking your pelvis, squeezing your glute and equally use your abs and arms in the upward motion. Always maintain a neutral spine.

Sit-ups x20

I like to get these over with quick so go for speed and swing your arms for some assistance. Be sure to tap the floor in front of you to ensure you have a tall, straight torso-engaging lower abs. For more workload- lower yourself controlled and slowly.

Crunches x20 

Classic. I like to count to 10 with one arm behind my head and the other on my abs.  Always so much more rewarding when you can feel your effort. Switch for 10.

Side crunches (raise same side leg to engage lower side abs) x20 (each side)

I believe you have to work targeted areas to see any difference and don’t forget to isolate muscle groups.  Lay slightly off to the one hand and continue as a regular crunch.  You can slightly raise the same leg to target deeper within the muscle group.

Bicycle crunches x20 

Bicycle crunch

Bicycle crunch (Emily Batty)

Elbow to opposite knee. When the muscles contract and burn, you know it’s working. Switch these up with speed or slow control.

V-ups x20

V-ups can be as little or as much range of motion as you choose. Start with bent knees and feet out in front of you.  Find the balance point on your sit bones while keeping an engaged core, lean back slightly and then simultaneously sit up tall and bring knees to chest. These are tricky to begin and think small motion and focus on the balance point.

Slider reverse sit up x10

Start with knees and hands on the ground shoulder width apart. One hand on each slider. Slowly slide your hands out in front of you until you feel your core engage. Proper form can vary and can be slightly bent arms, engage your core to pull your back into a neutral position. Think of drawing your abdomen straight up into the air as you come into position.

Angel wing raises x20 

Angel wing raises

Angel wing raises (Emily Batty)

We often sit at a computer hunched forward and in my case the bicycle and to work on posture we need to strengthen our posterior chain to pull our shoulders, straight, up and up right. Elbows bent at 90degrees while raising hands 10 or so inches upward. It is another small movement to focus on those muscles. Any larger of motion and it will become a shoulder workout. Remember to squeeze those trap muscles the entire time.

Shoulder raises x20

Arms are reaching straight outwards, thumbs pointed up, tilt your pelvis to engage your core. Squeeze your trap muscles the entire time and raise 12-14inches.

Triceps dips x20

Tricep dips

Tricep dips (Emily Batty)

A little old school and it’s a mindless one. Lower yourself downward to engage the triceps and then move back to contract the muscle groups and gain strength by moving your body weight.

Single leg slider squat 10x each side

Single leg slider squat

Single leg slider squat (Emily Batty)

I like to make the most of my time, and this is my new favorite. Have one foot on a slider with toes pointing straight ahead or slightly outward. Just like a squat, simultaneously sit back into squat position on one leg as you slide your opposite leg out to side. Now the challenge and your glutes will thank me later, remain engaged with glutes and stand upward while drawing outside foot back inward.

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