11 very last minute, low effort Halloween costume ideas

Oct 26 2018, 6:09 am

When October first rolled around, you harboured lofty notions of a show-stopping couples outfit with your SO or BFF this Halloween.

The middle of the month hit and you set your sights a little lower – a classic costume or a fun pun, perhaps. Then, suddenly, you had just hours to spare and absolutely no idea what to wear.


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But all is not (yet) lost. Just because you left it a little late doesn’t mean you can’t wow your guests this Halloween.

Here are 11 great costumes you can make with items you already own, a pair of scissors, and a healthy dose of eyeliner…

Bent Neck Lady


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Basically just dress up as the undead — pale skin, dark eyes, torn clothes — bend your neck, and then boom! Instand The Haunting of Hill House reference.

Wednesday Adams


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Braids, eyeliner, white collared shirt, black shoes, and a black dress. You’re good to go!

Ceiling Fan


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Ceilings are pretty awesome when you stop to think about it. If we didn’t have them then all the rain would get in, we’d get sunburnt while napping, and we’d have nothing to hang our fans, chandeliers, or pińatas from. Show those ceilings some appreciation by dressing up as this dumb pun with nothing more than an easy-to-make flag and maybe a few pom poms for added effect.

Justin Beiber eating a burrito the wrong way

Justin Bieber burrito

Justin Bieber eating a burrito (@personal_ac/Reddit)

There’s nothing scarier than ruined Mexican food. All you’ll need for this outfit is a toque, some sunglasses, a pink hoodie, and something resembling a burrito. Good luck!

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When it comes to easy Halloween costumes, this one may take the cake. All you need is a white shirt and a sharpie to keep people from asking “what are you supposed to be?” the entire. damn. night.



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This is the perfect outfit for introverted Halloween lovers who hate awkward small talk. All it requires is a stripy shirt, white gloves, a black hat, and access to a makeup bag. Follow a tutorial like this one here and start practising your ‘Trapped in an invisible Box.’ You can thank us later (in mime form, of course).

Pre-Makeover Eleven from Stranger Things

Loved the Netflix show but couldn’t quite commit to the costume like every other person this Halloween? Not a problem. Opt for the pre-makeover version of Eleven with an oversized t-shirt, a bleeding nose and buzz cut – and don’t forget to draw on an ‘11’ tattoo on the inside of your arm.

Bunch of Grapes

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A pack of purple balloons and a healthy set of lungs is all that’s needed for this fruity costume. Wear all black underneath and decorate your head with some foliage to finish off the look. Oh, and avoid sharp objects.

Jim Halpert Halloween


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One guy who always made lazy Halloween costumes seem effortless was Jim Halpert from The Office. Go as ‘Three Hole Punch Jim,’ ‘Facebook/Bookface Jim’ or ‘Dave’ – i.e. that time he simply wore an (incorrect) name tag. Accessorize with a mug of coffee and spend all evening flirting with the cute receptionist.

Rosie the Riveter

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Need a Halloween costume at very short notice? We Can Do It! Roll up the sleeves of a denim shirt, tie a red bandana or piece of material around your hair, paint on some winged eyeliner and a popping red lip, and flex those guns.



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Got some green paint kicking around in the garage? A healthy beer gut to show off? Plain looking clothes in the closet? Throw it all together for a costume that will look great at the very least humorous in how terribly bad it is.

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