A look at the most popular dog and cat names in Vancouver this year

Dec 1 2021, 7:11 pm

Every year, Rover creates a list of the most popular names for our four-legged friends. So, did your dog or cat make the list?

September 30


According to Rover, “While the trends change, one thing remains the same: The names dog and cat owners choose to give their pets are often a direct reflection of who they are, what they like, and what’s going on in the world at the time.”

“As pet parents ourselves, we know how important a pet’s name is and how much thought goes into finding just the right one — which makes sense, considering it’s likely to be hollered across the house about a million times.”

When it comes to dogs, Milo takes the top spot in the male dog category. Bella is number one in the female dog Category.

Dog Names/Rover.com

What about cats? Luna and Leo are tops in the male cat and female cat categories.

cat names

Cat Names/Rover.com

cat names

Cat Names/Rover.com

Rover — which connects pet owners with people who can watch or walk their pets — also noted some other trends this year.

  • 2021 was a big year for Star Wars-inspired names. Leia (170%), Luke (120%), Chewbacca (370%), and Yoda (470%) were all trending up for dogs. 
  • The most popular food-inspired dog name in 2021 was Peach, trending up by 670%.
  • 2021 brought new space-influenced names to the list for cats, including Mars and Nebula.
  • Likely an homage to Vancouver’s forested setting, the cat names Timber and Cedar were both new to the list in 2021. 

If you are thinking of getting a dog and need help coming up with a name, Rover also offers a Dog Name Generator.

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