This Vancouver parlour is serving ice cream with condoms on it (PHOTOS)

Oct 3 2018, 5:52 pm

There’s no way that you’ve forgotten about that eyebrow-raising ice cream parlour that opened in Vancouver last May – Perverted Ice Cream.

The 797 Thurlow Street sweet spot, has been dishing out epic “ice cream with a twist,” proving their product and name was worth the buzz.

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Now, Perverted is offering ice cream lovers something we’ve never really heard of before.

The ice cream store is giving patrons the opportunity to get a branded Perverted Ice Cream condom atop their drool-worthy soft serve.

That’s right, if you order the ‘I Will Always Glove You’ cone from Perverted, you’ll receive your treat with a condom on it, similar to the way a drink comes with a garnish on the rim, owner Suzanne Serwatuk tells Daily Hive.

“We have had feedback that we’re not perverted enough,” says Serwatuk, “We’ve always wanted to keep up with the cheeky, we never wanted to be blatantly perverted.”


Photo courtesy Perverted

The team then came up with the idea to create branded condoms (which happen to be black latex inside the wrapper, FYI) to give patrons an offering unlike any other ice cream parlour in the city (maybe even the world).

“It’s nothing but couples that come into the store,” says Serwatuk. “Let’s give them an experience.”

If you don’t want the special cone, you can opt to add a condom to any other flavour for just $2 more.

The ‘I Will Always Glove You’ will be up for order tomorrow, October 4.


Photo courtesy Perverted

Perverted Ice Cream

Address: 797 Thurlow Street, Vancouver

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