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Opinion: Satellite aircraft gates at YVR Airport will add another layer of frustration for travellers

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 09, 2018 7,558
Many passengers at YVR will soon be taking a bus between the terminal building and a remote aircraft stand.
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How to do a bachelor(ette) trip to Hamilton for under $800

969a6ef651ad94df4b08aed25feff42a?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Branded Content Jul 09, 2018 274
We're trying to save you from the dreaded Wallet Hangover.
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Air Canada's flight from Vancouver to Toronto is the world's 9th most profitable route

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 05, 2018 28,993
The airline makes US$552 million annually on this non-stop route alone.
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All three victims of the Shannon Falls tragedy have now been identified

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Jul 05, 2018 33,045
Friends have been writing condolence messages on social media.
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Crowdfunding campaign launched for Vancouver YouTuber who died in Shannon Falls accident

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Jul 04, 2018 39,575
The incident took place on Tuesday.
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Air Canada’s new aircraft footage shows off Vancouver beautifully (VIDEO)

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 04, 2018 8,410
Remember the Boeing 737 MAX that was spotted making circles over Vancouver?
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You can fly from Vancouver to Australia for under $1,000 return this summer

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Jul 03, 2018 5,495
And the flight is non-stop!
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9 things to do on your first trip to San Francisco

A8b0893730d9e600bb6c7804e4aa45ac?s=96&d=mm&r=g Farhan Mohamed Jun 30, 2018 2,234
There's so much more to "The City" than the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.
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FYI: Canadian border agents have the right to look through your phone

F502f7908ba095fe2659859b7d60ec54?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Staff Jun 29, 2018 2,243
Good to know if you're travelling this summer.
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9 things to do if you're visiting Australia's Gold Coast for the first time

Cf2c9cceb232055ad56e2895f10f6514?s=96&d=mm&r=g Stephanie White Jun 29, 2018 659
Start by hitting up the 70 km of sandy beaches 😎
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Win a surf trip to Costa Rica through this Instagram photo contest

969a6ef651ad94df4b08aed25feff42a?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Branded Content Jun 26, 2018 557
7 weeks, 7 epic prize packages, and 2 unreal surf trips up for grabs.
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Low-cost carrier Flair Airlines moves headquarters and hub from BC to Alberta

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jun 20, 2018 1,762
It was previously known as NewLeaf.
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Family road trip: Visit Sun Peaks to finish off your summer wish list in style

969a6ef651ad94df4b08aed25feff42a?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Branded Content Jun 19, 2018 1,792
Family vacation. Emphasis on vacation.
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Two Indigenous artists to design exterior artwork for BC Ferries' newest ship

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jun 19, 2018 612
This will be the fourth vessel on the fleet with Indigenous 'livery.'
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Vancouver International Airport embarks on $9.1-billion expansion

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jun 14, 2018 17,012
YVR is about to become a super airport.
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WestJet's new ultra-low-cost carrier launches in Canada next week

2e14e7cbc3739a72bd7d6d99aaedc3b4?s=96&d=mm&r=g Ainsley Smith Jun 14, 2018 9,954
It's officially launching June 20!
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The ultimate guide to the food of Australia's Gold Coast

Cf2c9cceb232055ad56e2895f10f6514?s=96&d=mm&r=g Stephanie White Jun 13, 2018 1,094
Some of the best eats down under!
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New non-stop, direct flights from Vancouver to Costa Rica

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jun 11, 2018 7,417
It's YVR's first and only non-stop flight to Costa Rica.
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It’s now harder to get from Vancouver to Disney World

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jun 11, 2018 4,195
One of the direct, non-stop routes has been cancelled.
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UAE starts negotiations for more Emirates flights to Canada

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jun 07, 2018 3,698
Emirates Airlines has keen interest with expanding in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.
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New non-stop flights from Vancouver to Paris and Zurich start this week

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jun 06, 2018 2,841
Two new frequent, direct, non-stop flight routes to Europe!
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Win a round-trip flight to Canada's largest shopping mall courtesy of Swoop

969a6ef651ad94df4b08aed25feff42a?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Branded Content Jun 04, 2018 1,643
Flying into the summer like ✈️ (for free).
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You can stay in this beautiful BC suite for $85 a night

Fd19af6b90d13691961996fb99b8797b?s=96&d=mm&r=g Christy Wang Jun 04, 2018 9,143
A mountaintop paradise with room for your friends!
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One of the world's largest cruise ships will visit BC every week this summer

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jun 03, 2018 24,461
It even has a 1,000-ft-long outdoor go-kart race track!
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VIA Rail is giving away FREE cross-Canada tickets this summer

F502f7908ba095fe2659859b7d60ec54?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Staff May 28, 2018 20,433
The limited amount are being given out Willy Wonka Golden Ticket style.
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Plan your summer around these 4 can't-miss events in Sun Peaks

969a6ef651ad94df4b08aed25feff42a?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Branded Content May 28, 2018 1,236
FREE concerts, biking, outdoor yoga & beer tours.
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You can sleep in these dreamy tree pods in this BC forest (PHOTOS)

4dd0e852301e879ba5ea9b17866c778b?s=96&d=mm&r=g Simran Singh May 23, 2018 13,348
Put this on your bucket list 😍
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25 millionth cruise ship passenger arrives in Vancouver

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff May 23, 2018 1,152
895,000 passengers are expected this year alone.
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Tourism Vancouver partners with tech giant to attract more Chinese visitors

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff May 23, 2018 1,841
Tourism Vancouver is launching Canada’s first official WeChat city app.
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