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West Vancouver ignored couple's wish to turn property into park: Lawsuit

E6573be4c8630506ebc9a894285f8ed9?s=96&d=mm&r=g Michelle Morton Jul 19, 2019 6,637
The Attorney General says the district has collected $498,000 in rent since the couple passed away.

BC government closes fiscal year with $1.5B operating budget surplus

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Jul 19, 2019 935
BC's Finance Minister said it shows "our plan to put people first and build a brighter future is working."

Trudeau denounces Trump's racist Twitter comments

F502f7908ba095fe2659859b7d60ec54?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Staff Jul 16, 2019 5,578
"That is not how we do things in Canada."

US and Canada border agents to start sharing variety of data about travellers

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Jul 15, 2019 4,021
Including "biographic data, travel documents, and other border crossing information."

Councillor Jean Swanson wants to get rental housing 'out of the market'

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 13, 2019 3,193
She wants the City of Vancouver to build rental homes instead of private developers.

BC municipality votes to fine homeless residents for panhandling

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Jul 12, 2019 4,179
Individuals soliciting for money on the streets are subject to a $50 fine.

Burnaby's PPC candidate just released another awkward DIY campaign commercial (VIDEO)

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Jul 12, 2019 3,044
Rocky Dong is "pretty sure" he can get the job done.

Opinion: Canada Line is a model example of a poorly-designed, under-built toy train

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 12, 2019 46,805
The Canada Line is already seeing big growing pains at just 10 years old.

Trudeau rehashes TMX reapproval points to Alberta pipeline workers

7739b8b07c01245af9d54cc6ef0d83d3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Chandler Walter Jul 12, 2019 120
He had promised an announcement on TMX the night prior.

MP against proposed Fraser Street rental housing due to height and market prices

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 11, 2019 1,577
Vancouver-Kingsway MP Don Davies says six storeys is too tall, but five storeys is fine.

Property taxes could increase as much as 10% in Vancouver next year

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Jul 11, 2019 1,944
"To implement all of the various council motions."

Opinion: Vancouver council's zero-sum game on rental housing is doing much harm

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 10, 2019 1,869
A rejected 21-unit townhouse proposal will become a 12,000-sq-ft mansion.

Quebec education minister criticized for remark about Malala Yousafzai's head scarf

4dd0e852301e879ba5ea9b17866c778b?s=96&d=mm&r=g Simran Singh Jul 09, 2019 1,975
Jean-Francois Roberge said Malala could teach in Quebec if she removed her headscarf.

Vancouver city council's current voting record on new market rental housing

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 09, 2019 2,113
And one city councillor has voted against every rental project.

Surrey city council approves renaming street to commemorate Komagata Maru incident

4dd0e852301e879ba5ea9b17866c778b?s=96&d=mm&r=g Simran Singh Jul 09, 2019 551
But some councillors said the decision doesn't follow city policy.

Hong Kong government says controversial extradition bill is 'dead'

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 09, 2019 1,563
This was just one battle in a long war before the 2047 end of 'one country, two systems.'

Former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark speaking in Vancouver this weekend

44f37bcd4aad5601cf12147168b785fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Vincent Plana Jul 08, 2019 370
He was the youngest Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Surrey to vote on renaming street to honour Komagata Maru passengers

4dd0e852301e879ba5ea9b17866c778b?s=96&d=mm&r=g Simran Singh Jul 08, 2019 691
If passed, "Komagata Maru Way" will be added as a commemorative street name to 75A Avenue.

Human rights watchdog says CSIS spied on BC pipeline protesters

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Jul 08, 2019 405
A "shocking violation" of freedom of expression.

Controversial colonial 'Hanging Judge' statue removed in New Westminster (VIDEO)

44f37bcd4aad5601cf12147168b785fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Vincent Plana Jul 08, 2019 963
The BC judge oversaw the wrongful hangings of six Indigenous chiefs.

City of Vancouver's new citywide planning process could cost $18 million

Bc7f7efb7f14384003cf51259b35ebe3?s=96&d=mm&r=g Kenneth Chan Jul 05, 2019 1,768
Up to 35 city staff will be assembled for the project.

Over half of BC agrees with Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion: poll

44f37bcd4aad5601cf12147168b785fe?s=96&d=mm&r=g Vincent Plana Jul 05, 2019 1,874
Though most don't believe the expansion will bring lower gas prices.

Opinion: Some things are just bad -- captivity is one of them

934b8bf0c8e2a9efe392a5c724fd7ec5?s=96&d=mm&r=g Guest Author Jul 05, 2019 951
"A life confined is a life of constant anxiety and fear."

BC government announces 2,300 new child care spaces coming to Vancouver

D8d194f40cb13417f79d4d8daee34fdb?s=96&d=mm&r=g DH Vancouver Staff Jul 04, 2019 1,461
The city will receive $33 million in funding over the next three years.

Trudeau piñata sparks outrage and death threats for Alberta bar owner

Dd4ade7f70d6c9922c79f331cb2286c2?s=96&d=mm&r=g Lakshmi Sadhu Jul 04, 2019 6,455
"People are really fired up and angry, it's just a piñata."

Morgane Oger seeking federal NDP nomination

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Jul 03, 2019 749
In the riding of Vancouver-Centre, against Liberal MP Hedy Fry.

Canadian cartoonist loses job after Trump cartoon goes viral

F502f7908ba095fe2659859b7d60ec54?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Staff Jul 02, 2019 12,761
"I wanted to do my job as an editorial cartoonist, and they wanted me to do their job."

South Asian temple leaders call on BC to allow municipal police force

4dd0e852301e879ba5ea9b17866c778b?s=96&d=mm&r=g Simran Singh Jul 02, 2019 753
"Surrey's South Asian community has been particularly impacted by the growing violence," said the temple leaders.

Ship full of garbage from the Philippines returning to Canada this weekend

Ebccbad01116919d9474e1016d1b29c7?s=96&d=mm&r=g Eric Zimmer Jun 26, 2019 142
Just in time for Canada Day.

Trudeau called out for single-use plastic forks at pizza lunch

F502f7908ba095fe2659859b7d60ec54?s=96&d=mm&r=g Daily Hive Staff Jun 26, 2019 74
The Liberals have announced a ban on all single-use plastics by 2021.

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