Cat stands its ground against coyote in North Vancouver yard (VIDEO)

Mar 21 2019, 4:12 pm

Spotting urban wildlife isn’t unusual in Metro Vancouver. It is not surprising to see a raccoon in Stanley Park or Kitsilano, a bear in Coquitlam or a coyote on the Langara Golf Course.

That’s even more the case in the North Shore, where neighbourhoods often butt up against tracts of forest.

Amateur photographer Norm Lee, who lives in the Lynn Valley area of North Vancouver, says he was getting ready to go out and look for wildlife in the area but he had to clean his BBQ first.

That’s when he saw a cat and coyote “blast across my backyard.”

But the predator wasn’t pursuing the cat, he says — it was the other way around.

“It turned out to be a house cat chasing a coyote,” he writes.

In a series of photos and a video posted online, the cat sits on an overturned tree and epically stares at a slow-moving coyote just feet away.

And don’t worry. Lee says the cat was very safe.

“The neighbourhood cat was chasing this coyote across my back yard. Although, in this video it appears that the coyote is stalking the cat; but rest assured, it was the cat that was the aggressor.”


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