Best poutine in Vancouver

This French-Canadian speciality, composed of crispy French fries topped with chunks of fresh cheese curds and thick brown gravy, may hail from Quebec, but let’s face it, Vancouver dishes up some pretty sensational poutine renditions too.

Read on to discover which eateries whip up some of the best poutine in the city.

Mean Poutine

It’s pretty straightforward at Mean Poutine: “Get drunk, eat poutine” is their motto. And that isn’t too much of a stretch for the patrons of this poutine-specific place in the Granville Entertainment District. You can get your (possibly drunk) hands on some regular poutine, but you can also veer into the creative zone, since Mean Poutine also offers flavours like Fried Chicken, Philly Cheesesteak, Mama’s Meatballs, Southern BBQ, and Yam poutines to name a few.

Address: 718 Nelson Street
Phone: 604-568-4351
Twitter: @meanpoutine

La Belle Patate

La Belle Patate is all about the curds…those big, squeaky cheese curds on top of their fries served with dark gravy. Branch out from the basics and add smoked meat, hot dog, peas, bacon or hit them up for their daily specials. Bring a friend to share the indulgent (okay, greasy) poutine at La Belle Patate, or buck up and get the All-You-Can-Eat option. Yep, that exists. Godspeed to you, poutine eaters!

Address: 1215 Davie St, West End
Phone: 604-569-1215

Spud Shack

As the name suggests New Westminster’s Spud Shack offers a variety of spud-focused dishes, including a range of poutines. Composed of starchy frites, squeaky cheese curds, and a rich gravy, the Original Poutine will speak to traditionalists, while Le Montreal with its smoked meat topping will appeal to any carnivores. Don’t be put off by Spud Shack’s somewhat obscure location at the New West Sky-Train Station.

Address: 352-800 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster
Phone: 604-553-2582

Fritz European Fry House

Fritz is no-frills, and all fries…fries draped in gravy and cheese curd (and whatever else you order), that is. This hole in the wall Granville Entertainment District spot serves up their fries super fast, and also has a delicious array of dipping sauces to take your poutine-ing to the next level.

Address: 718 Davie Street
Phone: 604-684-0811

Edible Canada Bistro

Poutine from Edible Canada (Lindsay William-Ross / Daily Hive)

Poutine from Edible Canada (Lindsay William-Ross / Daily Hive)

Edible Canada Bistro on Granville Island has made grabbing a pile of hot, fresh poutine pretty easy thanks to their charming camper-van style take out window. Step right up and order the poutine, served in a fun faux newspaper wrap (they also do fish and chips) and get right back to wandering around, people watching, and prepare to be asked by passers-by where you got that delicious poutine.

Address: 1596 Johnston Street
Phone: 604-682-6681
Twitter: @EdibleCanada

Belgian Fries

Sure, they call them Belgian Fries, but at this Commercial Drive institution their poutine is the real Canadian deal. Hey, eating here is practically a requirement, according to Food Network Canada’s “You Gotta Eat Here.” This big, buzzy place on The Drive has a great patio in the summertime, and a big menu that includes lots of poutine (and some other things, if you want).

Address: 1885 Commercial Drive
Phone: 604-253-4220

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

Poutine takes a meaty, upscale turn at The Oakwood Canadian Bistro in Kitsilano. Served in a cast iron skillet, these Kennebec fries are slathered in Quebec cheese curds and veal bone gravy, then blanketed with house-smoked beef brisket.

Address: 2741 West 4th Avenue
Phone: 604-558-1965
Twitter: @theOakwoodKits


Aside from serving a range of Belgian and North African-inspired dishes, Chambar makes a mean poutine. Listed on the dinner menu as an accompaniment, the “Poutine a la Belge” differs from other poutines in the city; it is topped with Roquefort blue cheese rather than basic white poutine cheese that most eateries use. The dish also includes Chambar’s hand cut pomme frites and is laced with a peppercorn sauce. To garnish, green onion, parsley, and vincotto bring the poutine together.

Address: 568 Beatty Street
Phone: 604-879-7119
Twitter: @chambar

Frenchies Diner

With several gut-busting takes on the classic gravy and cheese curd combo, the ever-casual Frenchies Diner on Main Street is a must visit foodie destination for poutine lovers. The Classic Poutine comes with hand-cut fries topped with cheese curd and gravy; there’s also a smoked meat, chicken, bacon, pulled pork, steak, hot dog, and veggie version.

Address: 2470 Main Street
Phone: 604-253-4545

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